The Coverage’s February Pick : Janice Tan, A Girl Who Aspires To Do More

Not willing to fall to the ‘pretty-girl’ stereotype, Janice Tan aspires to do more in life It has become increasingly difficult to spot potential game-changers these days- ones that have great potential in the modelling industry, and can perhaps help propel the ever-so competitive and dense industry to its peak by paving a path with their talents. This difficulty is even further made harder by the multitude of self-proclaimed models on Instagram. However, until quite recently, we came across a gold nugget among the coal mines of the modelling industry, a teenager with a long string of impressive achievements that holds great potential in being a pioneer of the modelling scene here in Malaysia. [caption id="attachment_9900" align="aligncenter" width="751"]A gold mine of potential, Janice Tan at the Miss Asia Awards 2015 A gold mine of potential, Janice Tan at the Miss Asia Awards 2015[/caption] By the strings of fate, we chanced upon Janice Tan, a teenager who holds great potential, and managed to reach out to the Labuan-born beauty queen for an interview and short sit-down. 12789842_10206167491652337_1499261307_o Janice who now resides here in Kuala Lumpur after moving from her hometown in Labuan, graced The Coverage with a private interview, which revealed many about the impressive greenhorn. Meeting Janice for the first time, she struck to us as an absolute ‘go-getter’. Her aura of cheerfulness and touch of mysteriousness, which was apparent from just her firm yet feminine handshake, had us certain that she, was not a ‘self-proclaimed’ model like the many we see on Instagram. 12043779_10206167489452282_872763393_o The captivating diva took us aback when she revealed to us some of the many pageant titles she had under her belt, despite being just 19 years of age– more prominently, the first pageant that became her cornerstone and first stepping stone here in Malaysia.

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12767917_10206167490652312_343693596_o Janice made her official debut in the industry back in 2013 when she spontaneously decided to take part in the Miss Santabella pageant while holidaying in Singapore. After surprising herself by winning the Miss Santabella pageant, she chanced upon the Miss Mean Machines pageant in 2014, followed by other small time race queen pageants like Race Queen Malaysia 2014 and Miss Oktoberfest, and took home gold for all three pageants. She then upsized her game and went on to Kuala Lumpur at the Miss Malaysia Earth pageant, and was crowned Miss Malaysia Eco Beauty. 12318295_10206167493292378_819655531_o However, the Malaysian-born persona had her first major win after she was approached by a talent-scout and was invited to enter an international pageant in Shanghai, the “Miss Asia Awards 2015”. She was brought to tears in a ‘surprising’ turn of events when she was announced to be the winner. “I was so surprised when they crowned me as the winner, I really was! There were so many other gorgeous and intelligent delegates but I managed to win. I was so grateful as it was the first international pageant I had won!”, she told our interviewer. 12752192_10206167491772340_20587589_o Janice, who turns 20 this May, is currently taking her Degree in Mass Communication at the Inti International University College Nilai. 12773047_10206167492132349_1011181178_o When asked about why she chose to study the field of mass communication, she revealed that she had a great passion and interest for the entertainment industry. “I’ve always had a great interest in the entertainment industry- and with mass communication, I can get the best of both worlds with my career passion and my current freelance modelling!” she said.
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12787058_10206167490612311_163915324_o With the basic introductions out of the way, we soon broached some more personal questions- and asked the gold mine-of-a-teenager what her ideal man was. “Well, my ideal man has got to be extremely patient, considering the fact that I easily get on people’s nerves –giggles”. 12776659_10206167493532384_1665015915_o When asked about how she would prefer to be approached by men, she put strong emphasis on interested suitors that are not ‘perverted’. “Don’t ever be perverse or act like a creep, and stay true to yourself!” 12773144_10206167490492308_1021683776_o Janice also demonstrated her aptitude as an opinion leader and spoke for all women when she answered our question of “What are the types of Malaysian guys you do not like”. “This is a relative question, but I don’t like Malaysian guys who think they’re ‘all that’, and that girls like them. They act arrogant and think women adore them. Confidence is cool, but arrogance, no. There’s a fine line between arrogance and confidence.” 12788798_10206167493252377_1160578769_o The beauty-queen revealed her ‘naughty’ side when she shared with us the ‘sexiest thing she’s ever done’. “Well, I normally cook in my lingerie when nobody is at home because it’s more comfortable. There’s a window by my kitchen but I make sure no one sees me. –giggles-“ 12773016_10206167493732389_1478322605_o The captivating persona also gives back to society every once in a while, by taking part in charitable and volunteer work. “I do some charity work every now and then. I used to help out at retirement homes and at animal shelters. I want to do so much more, but find it hard to do so considering the fact that I don’t have a driver’s license. My boyfriend usually drives me around. –giggles”   More than a pretty face, Janice refuses to allow her beauty to be her only admirable point. The brilliant pioneer spends her free time reading novels at home and writing.
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12765528_10206167491892343_1262945298_o When asked about the secret to her beauty, she poked some fun at us humorously. “Well, I guess it’s all in my genetics- beautiful mom, handsome dad…me… -giggles-“ [caption id="attachment_9899" align="aligncenter" width="388"]Janice clad in a diaphanous white dress (Photo Credits : Jason Ooi, J2studio) Janice clad in a diaphanous white dress (Photo Credits : Jason Ooi, J2studio)[/caption] It goes without saying that Janice shows great promise and potential in what she does. We send forth our best wishes to Janice and hope to see more from this brilliantly captivating teenager.   Janice’s Facebook page : Janice Tan

Also, a big thank you to New & Cozy Studio as our venue sponsor for the shoot and interview! For a great room at affordable prices, do look them up.

Photos by :

Alfred Lee

Simon How

Muldock Nathan 

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