The Coverage's January Pick : Venice Min, More Than Just A Beautiful Face

More than just a beautiful face, actress and model Venice Min is a force to be reckoned with. Most of you may recognise the powerhouse of a woman as the billboard girl of HSBC and various other commercial advertisements across Malaysia, or even come across her alluring photos on the ‘explore’ function on Instagram. [caption id="attachment_7056" align="aligncenter" width="386"]FHM MAGAZINE [ DEC 2013 ] ISSUE FHM MAGAZINE [ DEC 2013 ] ISSUE[/caption]

Hailing from humble beginnings as a ballet teacher, Venice Min has made a name for herself in the modelling industry, by bagging 1st place in FHM Malaysia’s Most Wanted 2016.

[caption id="attachment_7147" align="aligncenter" width="825"]With a hot needle, dipped in the most wondrous of inks, Miss Min's beautiful smile is tattooed into the memory of anyone who sees it. With a hot needle, dipped in the most wondrous of inks, Miss Min’s beautiful smile is tattooed into the memory of anyone who sees it.[/caption] Her arms are shapely, with only the slightest hint of softness that comes with her young age. Her legs are…well, magnificent. Perfectly proportioned for her height, with exquisitely turned calves, they are almost an anachronism, a modern day reincarnation of the great pins of the 50’s movie stars. A comparison to Cyd Charisse would be close to the mark in my mind, but I confess a complete lack of impartiality. Venice Min-4

Miss Min who has worked closely with international brands from Mont Blanc to Thomas Sabo, graced The Coverage Bureau with an interview- of which revealed many unknowns of the captivating personage.

The very first time we laid eyes on Miss Min as she entered through the door to the venue of the interview, she gave out an aura of unparalleled dominance, which was laid out by her confident stride- erupting an eerie yet oppressive silence in the room, alive and poignant with possibility and anticipation of the task before hand; the interview.

Miss Min was rather hyperborean at first but quickly warmed up to us and pleasantly surprised us when we realised she wasn’t the icy-cold artic queen most of her photos depicted her as- but rather, the exact opposite: Miss Min was like a ball of sunshine, a completely engaging persona.

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[caption id="attachment_7150" align="aligncenter" width="825"]Her skin was alabaster, without a single blemish and her rounded hips were simple perfection, smoothly contoured and flawlessly curved. Her skin was alabaster, without a single blemish and her rounded hips were simple perfection, smoothly contoured and flawlessly curved.[/caption]

Penang-born Miss Min is by no means, a trophy girl with only good looks without a respectable intelligence to match- the FHM cover girl holds a Degree in Public Relations and Broadcast and has extensive pivotal insight on a multitude of topics, which is quite frankly, something quite rare these days.

She has been in the modelling industry for 4-5 years but is now moving towards acting– a big step from her usual modelling and blogging.

“I have acted in 2 movies so far. The first is ‘My Mr.Right’, a Taiwanese film which was shot a couple of years ago, and “Come Play With Us”. Which is a new horror western film from US, which just finished filming not too long ago” said Miss Min.

[caption id="attachment_7151" align="aligncenter" width="595"]Venice Min-16 A beautiful smile- a beauty that flashed into an invitation to forbidden thoughts.[/caption]

When asked about her most embarrassing moment in acting, she recalled what was more of a ‘worst moment’ rather than an embarrassing one.

“Hmm, not the most embarrassing moment but the worst moment during filming, which was on the first day on set and I did really bad because I never had any acting classes.

“He said my acting was so bad, that he wanted to vomit- which really hurt my feelings.

“But I never let it affect me and worked hard to better my acting and eventually, the producer was happy! “ she chimed happily.

[caption id="attachment_7145" align="aligncenter" width="825"]A million dollar smile. My words are just the palest, weakest echo of the sensations and emotions Miss Min portrays by in a gentle smile she sends over her shoulder[/caption]

It goes without saying that Miss Min’s schedule is constantly jam-packed: having to constantly update her social media pages for her fans, writing on her blog, and attending photo shoots- but she manages her way around and proved to be a great multi tasker and managed to balance her work and studies equally when she was still in college.

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“It was really tough because I always get so exhausted working till late nights and waking up early to attend classes. Even though it was tough, I organised my schedule so I could do what I loved, while I studied.” She said.

[caption id="attachment_7153" align="aligncenter" width="565"]An invitation to forbidden thoughts. It’s amazing how Miss Min transitions herself for a photo shoot from her usual self.[/caption]

When asked how she would define herself, the model turned actress told us “A workaholic for sure. I place a great priority in life for my work and always work long hours. After all, there is no greater reward than doing what you love!”.

The 23-year-old Aphrodite was also incredibly outspoken and forthright. So much in fact, that her witty responses sent rushes of embarrassment sweeping through the interviewer and left him sitting there getting linoleum burns on his chin for a couple of seconds before getting his brain back in gear.

[caption id="attachment_7152" align="aligncenter" width="825"]My words are just the palest, weakest echo of the sensations and emotions Miss Min portrays by in a gentle smile she sends over her shoulder A million dollar smile[/caption]

Miss Min revealed to us that she prefers to be approached by men who display a great level of confidence and that she doesn’t enjoy nor entertain being approached by clingy men nor by shady men with perverse agendas.

So keep in mind that if you are in the list of her absolute no-no’s, she’ll be likely to halt your advances; and if should you press on, she will probably ignore you so hard you begin to doubt your own existence.

A word to the wise, don’t provoke her by being a sore bum after being turned away- she’s the type of woman who will rip of your ears and staple them to your neck should you step on her toes.

Venice Min-9

Miss Min also demonstrated her aptitude as an opinion leader by displaying great maturity and enlightenment as well as a strong conviction in her response to a very polemical question: ‘Is sex important in a relationship?’

“I think that the importance of sex in a relationship is highly dependent on the age of the said couple. If you’re older, sex is PARTLY important BUT  communication is MORE important.. Yes, sex is important to please your partner- but if you’re in a relationship just for sex, that is totally wrong in my books.”

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The now-actress further impressed us by revealing that she enjoys simple things in life, like hanging out at the mamak with her friends- a place most top-end models like herself wouldn’t even step foot into.

When asked about the places she normally shops at for her clothes, she humbly responded in good fun, “ Everywhere! Even the ‘pasar’! After all, fashion is not about the price, am I right?”.

Miss Min, who has been heralded by many as being truly God’s magnum opus for her divine beauty, showed us that her beauty alone is not what made her a masterpiece among the realms of fine art- her cheerful demeanour, combined with her charming personality and witty self, makes her the epitome and prime example of everything a perfect woman should be.

Many would not walk on hot coals to be Miss Min. For that privilege, they would wade through waist deep lava while gargling sulphuric acid and razor blades. For a chance to even know her personally, many would sell their soul, in an instant.

Venice Min-1


It goes without saying that we, among many other Malaysians who have heard of her, believe that Miss Min is an absolute powerhouse of a person- and that her cocktail of ravishing looks and brilliant personality will propel her and her career to dizzying heights reserved only for Gods amongst men.

Miss Min’s Instagram : @venicemin

Miss Min’s Facebook Page : Venice Min

Miss Min’s Blog :

Also, a big thank you to New & Cozy Studio for allowing us to use their accommodations for the shoot and interview!

Photos by :

Alfred Lee

Simon How

Muldock Nathan

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