The Coverage's July 2016 Talent Pick: The ever talented and enthusiastic singer, Mayu!

Talented and enthusiastic, we were sure that her interview was sure to be a memorable one indeed. Therefore, The Coverage and I are pleased to reveal that the ever so enthusiastic Mayu had agreed to take a little time off for this little interview so that we may get to know her a little more. She introduced herself to us and revealed that she grew up like every other kid back then. Probably as shy and timid like everyone else, she stated that she wasn’t the talkative kid in class; in fact she never really spoke a word. All that seemed to change when she had entered into highschool. She met another bubbly girl who turned out to have the same wavelength of thoughts and interests as she did as a child. They both straight away hit it off as best friends from the very beginning to the very end of days. Mayu stated with joy, “She’s still an amazing best friend to me till to this day.” “We share a ton of memories and secrets together” stated Mayu as she giggled. “What’s really life changing about her is that she influenced me in a good way to talk more. If it weren’t for her, I don’t know what I would be doing now.” DSC0457 Now at the age of 22 and residing in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Mayu was once a former graduate in a diploma for Fashion Designing. She stated before going into the music industry, she had spent hours thinking up of fashion designs to craft out for her assignments. When asked about the hardest aspect of her course, she replied, “The hardest part is probably trying to figure out how to craft out our design’s vision. We don’t just design normal everyday attire but we do more than that. In general the course was really tough.” However, during the course of her fashion designing studies, later did she find out that she also wanted to try to pursue a career in singing. Mayu was determined to do it as she juggled daily vocal practices and fashion designing. When asked why singing, Mayu stated, “I was raised to love music ever since I was born, though my family’s history had no correlation whatsoever to music, I was taught to love it. I started picking up piano at the age of 6, learning both practical and theory.” Ever since then, Mayu has never stopped planning the piano till to this day.

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DSC0512 “My love for music really started to grow unto me when I was in highschool. I entered a singing competition and decided to sing a song by Teresa Teng. Apparently I did really well and I got a standing ovation by my peers and teachers.” “I really enjoyed their responses and adoration for what I did. In addition, I did something I loved doing. However my motive unto why I’m doing what I do now has changed. I sing because I want to achieve my personal goals while making my friends and family proud of me for what I love doing.” We asked Mayu about her struggles going into the music industry. She had thought about it for a while before revealing that she had almost did quit really badly once when she was about 18 or 19. Her juggling between her course was tough enough already but with the addition of her music career, she didn’t know how long more she could handle it. “I was extremely busy constantly and I wasn’t sure if I could handle all the stress poured unto me. When I was at the brink of quitting, I had my friends and family to support me. It was people like them who helped me get back up on my own two feet and led me to the path that I’ve been taking ever since.” DSC0501 Another thing that really helps Mayu get her back up unto her own two feet is those who inspire her. She stated that whenever she sees trending new stars, it just motivates her to become just like them or to be even better and to achieve success. She stated that she has the mentality of ‘if they can do it, I can do it too!’ Her struggles and hardship has really brought her up into where she is today. When asked about three words that would totally sum her up, she said ‘Keep on Going’. Mayu stated, “At many times you would feel like quitting when the going gets tough but quitting just means you willingly wanted to fail.” “Sometimes in order to succeed, we need to make sacrifices along the way. I recently made a huge sacrifice to pursue my music career back in March early this year. I had left my secure job as a translator for a Japanese company and that was really tough. I don’t regret my decisions though as I believe that there will be more to come if I put my mind to it.” DSC0451 Indeed success is just right around the corner for Mayu as she stated that her manager and hersaelf are currently working on a song right now which will help kick start her career in the music industry. Mayu isn’t the only one excited about it but so are we too. As we come to close of the interview, we asked Mayu to give one last advice to those who would like to pursue their dreams. She said, “Be brave, take chances and never stop moving forward. Even if you feel like quitting, don’t do it because success has never been an easy road.” As the day comes to an end, we had to eventually end the immensely intriguing interview with the adoring Mayu. We at The Coverage wish nothing but the best for her and that only time will tell of her upcoming success in the industry. We hope you enjoyed the article featuring the ever so talented and enthusiastic Mayu and do check her out more in the links below. Cheers! Special thanks to The BKL Photography for the images, GMA Hair Studio for hair-do, and D’Pintao Production ~ management for Mayu Khew. DSC0437-1 [irp posts="7038" name="The Coverage's January Pick : Venice Min, More Than Just A Beautiful Face"] [irp posts="10551" name="The Coverage's March Pick: Amber Chia, Inspiring Others to Aspire"] [irp posts="33182" name="The Coverage’s April Pick: Leng Yein, the amusing and ambitious hustler!"] [irp posts="35824" name="The Coverage's May Pick: The Independent and Intriguing Melinda Lee!"] [irp posts="36716" name="The Coverage's June Pick: Jolie Wan, Cheerful and Sunshine Girl!"] [irp posts="37552" name="The Coverage's June Campus Babe: The Amazing and Adorable freelance model, Carrera Ng!"]

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