The Coverage’s July 2017 Pick: Cheryl Loo – The Beautiful Blogger-Model

Have you met a person without a hobby before? Well, I sure haven’t till today…that’s simply because Cheryl claimed that she does not have any particular hobby. How weird, right? But no worries it’s all good since she is actually the kind of person who would try and do all sorts of things when she is free or when the thrill of doing it kicks in. That’s pretty adventurous, I would say! When we asked Cheryl how interesting was her childhood she simply answered that growing up with her parents and siblings were the interesting part. At this point, we were pretty confused as to why would she think so, but later on she explains it was because she would do everything that her mother told her not to. Hahaha…she is definitely one rebellious babe! Oh! But also she did it behind her mum…so… shhhh it’s our secret… Cheryl’s life goals are pretty straightforward as she simply wishes to become someone who is successful enough to provide her own living. Definitely, a trait that most men would love to partner with, yes? no? This silly girl also strongly believes that the most courageous thing that she has ever done is picking up her dog’s poop. Apparently, it something that she finds as a huge challenge.   We are more than confident that Cheryl is usually the bubbly one in the group especially since she loves cracking jokes or at least make her life struggles sound funnier than it actually is. Based on what she told us, we have a feeling that she is a daddy’s little girl as she shares with us one of the best pieces of advice that she received was from her father;

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“You can do whatever you want but never neglect your studies. Studying hard and graduating with certificates can ensure your living.”

This down-to-earth beauty who is content with who she has become tends to turn into a neat freak whenever she is feeling down. Apparently, cleaning up her house makes her feel better. It’s like a de-stressing session. Probably, the next time you are feeling down, you too should try cleaning up your house or room, who knows if it might clear away your stress. Now comes the part where all the men are interested in finding out…Cheryl loves guys who are humorous and smiles a lot. She finds them to be really cute. Let’s say even if you don’t have a good sense of humour the least you can do is to make sure that you are putting on a smile when you meet this babe. Because she says that is a major turn-off when guys don’t smile. Talking about guys, since she is a beautiful flower, she surely has attracted all kinds of guys including those from the horny bees category. She shares with us how she keeps herself safe from these harmful bunch;

“Be very alert and know the people and your surroundings wherever you go. I don’t really remember encountering “hamsap” guys or I don’t cause I usually will ignore and walk away from those who are acting nonsensically towards me.”

“I also pretty much feel sorry for those who are not “hamsap” because I gave them the same treatment but you know, I have to take care of myself first!”

Some might think that Cheryl is the type who is hard to be approached however she is actually very friendly and even says to not be afraid of starting up a conversation with her. We also asked her which would she pick; Being world-class attractive? Or a genius? Or a famous person for doing something great? She went with the obvious choice of being famous for doing something great simply because that would mean that all her hard work has been recognised.
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We have to agree with the person who gave her the best compliment she has ever received; “You are so talented!” Though you (Cheryl) did not know that you would end up here (in the modelling line), we strongly believe that this is only the beginning and there will be many more opportunities for you in the near future! Stay humble and beautiful babe!   Photo credits to Vincentius Valentine and Venom Photographers

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