The Coverage’s June 2017 Pick: Jaquee Lee – The Charming Beauty With A Righteous Mind

Just imagine…planning and building a married life with her would be a breeze. Of course, her flawless features and hot bod will be a bonus too! Jaquee admits bravely that her hobbies are shopping, sleeping and eating. Eating?? Really now? One could not have guessed that by her slim and petite figure. This above average babe is very passionate about the things she does as long as she believed that it was the right to do. On the outside, people may be mistaken her for a cold person but just so you know Jaquee is a pretty warm and family-oriented person. Until this day, she still finds that her most interesting and cherishable moments were the times when she was living with her late grandmother. Even from a young age, Jaquee had set her eyes on becoming an international supermodel to conquer runways. Though it is safe to say that she is already half way there with her modelling career, due to her height of 168cm, there are not many runways that she can conquer as the minimum height requirement for supermodels are 170-175cm. Well, no worries babe! I’m confident that you will be able to rock the runways but for now do your best to own those photo shoots ya! Apparently, according to her, taking her first step into a modelling competition was the most courageous thing that she has ever done. Though she did not manage to grab any titles for it, she still made it into the finalist and paraded her beauty on a stage in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

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“Do something that you know why you are doing it, not just blindly do things.”
This petite-framed woman also treasures all the tiny pieces that make her a beautiful being that she is today. When we ask her if she could change one thing about herself, what would it be…she proudly confessed that she wouldn’t want to change anything because what she has now is what she achieved in the past few years, regardless of whether they were good or bad. We also did take the time to dig out some beans from her and we got to know what characteristics were her ideal man made of.
He must be a man who always carries a smile on face, look charming, have a kind heart, a warm person, bold, caring and also focuses on his career.
Okay, we know that models are constantly being victimised by harassers so we asked Jaquee if she could share her experience and give a pointer or two on how to keep oneself’s safe. Here’s what she had to say;
“Ok, first of all, I am not a person who brings a smile and shows an innocent face every day. When I was small, in standard 1-4, I used to allow guys to bully me a lot and so this was the key point for me telling myself “Do not ever let people hurt you when you are not doing something to hurt them” “
“…and now I position myself in a cool way for treating people, bold, brave, unique and so on. I do feel uncomfortable when people randomly approach me or hug me for a selfie and to this I will just tell them straight  “Hey, let go your hand, no touching!”
Jaquee also reminds other girls to be brave to protect yourself and if you yourself won’t take any action, then no one would. Bonus fact: They say that a person’s favourite movie can say a lot about someone and her 3 top movies are the ‘boy with the wand’, ‘the woman who falls for another being’ and ‘the captain that keeps losing his crew and ship’. Can you guess what are her 3 favourite movies from the descriptions above?
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  Thanks, Jaquee for the wonderful interview session! We at The Coverage would like to wish you all the best! Special credits to: Venue Sponsor: Modern Apartment by Putrajaya Lake
Director and Photographer: Jonathan Goh
Lighting Director and Photographer: Simon How of Simon How Photography
Photographer: Jason Ooi of J2 Studio

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