The Coverage’s May 2017 Pick: Cheryl Geh – A Rebellious Penangite Beauty!!!

Cheryl’s world revolves around good music, art, socialising and fashion. Though she is a pink fan, she admits that her closet is constantly filled with black outfits. (I feel like there’s many of us who can relate to this) This young beauty also claims that she is thankful for being born as a Malaysian as she had been exposed to the many different cultures and traditions. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind of experience. Behind her beauty, Cheryl is actually one tough cookie as she grew like a boy. She spent most of her time playing on her own or with her 2nd brother. She was very much into outdoor activities, an addict of Tekken and Metal slug, and watched WWE. Cheryl was reminded of how her brother would always bring her along for all his activities and is probably one of the main reason, why now, she can’t really project the ‘sweet girl’ aura even if she tried to. Oh well, you don’t have to babe, you are awesome just the way you are! Back in her schooling days, though she claims she wasn’t a rebel, Cheryl was the carefree type. And this part of her could relate to every one of us, who didn’t like to study much. It seems that this beauty queen had always slept during history and math classes.

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And that’s not all folks, apparently, she also had dyed her hair multiple times but would always convince her discipline teacher that it’s her natural hair. Hahaha, Cheryl, I hope your former discipline teacher isn’t reading this now. Okay, the Penangite clearly is a rebel! (Even if she thinks she isn’t). She even got herself a tattoo at a young age which got noticed by a teacher during practice, and she also received a huge demerit for attempting to cheat in an exam. Girl, you are a rebellious beauty! This chocolate addict further shares with us her past good times by recalling that she was once in the cheerleading and volleyball team. One past memory, in particular, she just can’t get over is the fact she cried her eyeballs out when she could not finish her BM paper 2, during SPM. Awww…do not worry babe, you still scored just right. Cheers to that! It seems that along the way, she picked up singing and though she doesn’t think she is that good yet she certainly likes to sing. You know what, babe? You should just keep practising because even Ed Sheeran wasn’t good at singing in the beginning. If you are wondering how did Cheryl get into our Babes’ List, then let me tell you that it all started from her crowning as Miss Hard Rock Penang back in 2014. Cheryl recalls and says everything had changed ever since. Her social media platforms were just rapidly blooming and opportunities just came knocking at her door. The rebellious beauty does admit that being recognised does feel good at most times but all of her fame and recognition wasn’t to impress anyone else but herself as it acts as a doorway for the constant improvement of herself.
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Cheryl tells us that she aspires to be the very best version of herself in all aspects of whether as a partner, a friend, a daughter, a sister, or even a mother(future). She is definitely a beauty with brains and brawls as she gets inspired by many people. From simple thoughts, to how a person dresses up and carry themselves, all these are her fuel to achieve greatness. I think it is safe to say that Cheryl is like a sponge, she just loves to absorb positive vibes from any individual that she has cross paths with. Being able to adapt to her surroundings no matter how the situations may differ, is this straight-up, spontaneous and hyper young lady. Simply put, she is the social butterfly of every group. When I say butterfly it doesn’t mean that she is fragile this woman is a wolf! She trusts her instincts and will always protect her ‘tribe’ and keep them close, safe from any harm. Besides being a rebel, you could also say that Cheryl is a woman who lacks patience. <<< I didn’t make this up…she said it herself! Lol However, we do hope that she has the patience to strive as a successful entrepreneur as she plans to start off something that involves all the things that she likes while bringing people with the same interests together. She also believes that she should be an independent woman because no one should rely on anybody these days. Word! Cheryl also took a moment to share her thoughts on how people like you should live your life:
Always always stay true to yourself and know your aim. Haters, will not matter in the future no matter how bad they throw shade at you right now. Do what you want, as long as it doesn’t hurt or offend anyone. You’re good. Haters don’t pay your bills, they can only bark for so long. Always observe and learn. Always stay ten toes down. Also, don’t spend too much time fixing your broken heart if someone ever breaks it. Friends come and go, leave the leeches keep your circle small and family close!
She also adds on saying that everyone is special in their own way. So, don’t go and try to blend in or copying someone else. Shine in your own skin! Thanks Cheryl for spending time with us! We wish you all the best and keep lighting up those cameras on fire with your exceptionally beautiful looks!
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