The True Story Behind A Malaysian Inspirational Icon: His Success Journey Revealed!!!

Not wanting to rely on others, Ben was determined to take it upon himself to strive for success. Just by using his own pocket money that was saved up during his schooling days, he managed to enrol himself in a hair dressing course. At that time, despite being ridiculed by his friends for wanting to take up hair dressing, as it was considered more of a feminine trait, Ben pushed forward for the sake of his passion. Some even questioned the possibility of success in this line of work, while others went overboard with making statements such as “hairstylist are of no standard and class.” Though these words pierced through his heart, Ben was determined to prove them wrong. After finishing his course, Ben worked at the infamous Andy Ho Haute Coiffure. While most of his friends were partying all night long, wasting energy, time and money, Ben had his full attention on the new job. At the back of his mind, he knew he needed to save up as much as he could in order to make his dream a reality.

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1234150_646724918695348_1737513367_n In a blink of an eye, all his sacrifices and hardwork had been paid off, as he had managed to collect enough money to open up his own saloon with his friend. In 2010, together with his friend, he opened up The Hair Factory. Sadly, things didn’t work out after 4 years, as the duo faced differences that were unsolvable. After this major let down, Ben had to face his probably his worst downfall ever in his life. Struggling to get back up on his feet and even feeling lost without any directions, that’s when his loyal patrons saved him and motivated Ben to continue in this line of work. Many patrons recognised Ben’s hardwork and sincerity in his service, which is why they stood by him, even when he had nothing left. At first, Ben was hesitant to take up anymore hair dressing jobs, as he didn’t have any place to do it, but several loyal customers suggested to him to simply continue his services at the front of his house. benlim-cuthair2 Both Ben and his customers, survived through the hot blazing weather, during each session. Unknowingly, these ‘outdoor’ sessions became the starting point of success for Ben. From the innocent gesture of not wanting to disappoint his loyal customers, to eventually spreading his honest and skillful services till it gathered almost 300 customers per month! That’s crazy right?! benlim-citta His story doesn’t end there folks! From just a “Car Park Hairstylist”, he transformed into a “Celebrity Hairstylist”! Many celebrities, artists and famous personalities came looking for Ben Lim. It’s safe to say he even created quite a buzz in the fashion industry as he was featured in magazines too. He had worked with famous personalities like Bunk Face, Leng Yein, Venice Min, DJ Joleen Heng, DJ Alexis Grace, even the Feng Shui master, Jessie and many others. He even was exclusively invited to major events like Web TV Asia Award, Groomify and many more.
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benlim-bunkface 1934683_536729656488393_3802845908431144025_n benlim-hairshow   Ben Lim’s name is now practically engraved in the hairstyling industry, and each day he has been climbing up the ladder of success, with more and more famous people lining up to get their hair styled by Ben. 11081205_403927359768624_4947112259516265866_n 12036677_488415881319771_4608464744773728085_n 12391244_502099686618057_150149591274580448_n After 2 years of building up his reputation, finally in 21st October 2016, Ben opens up his very own saloon, GMA Hair Saloon in Klang. Wondering what does GMA mean? GAYA MESTI ADA! You didn’t expect that right? He is truly a symbol of a Malaysian. 14721599_10153946919941129_6190483264789965411_n 14670610_638542699640421_348862068863050077_n 14702431_10153957237491129_811971029989462905_n 14713694_10153958050766129_2682954656863966529_n Now he has close to 500 loyal customers that visits him every month! So you better make sure, that you book your appointment earlier. The best thing about Ben is that, he remains humble despite all the fame and recognition that he has gained over the years. He also remains careful with his spending, as he does not practice a lavish lifestyle. He still rides around with his old car, that probably does not even have any resell value in it. One of the main factors that separates individuals like Ben from the majority of youngsters these days is that, Ben is very good at managing his personal finances. The younger generation are so eager to compete with the tags and labels that they would rather spend on cars and gadgets that are way beyond their means in stead of putting their money into long-term investment plans. Take it from Ben Lim, you guys, earn well, spend necessarily and invest for a better future! Oh and don’t forget to work hard too!    

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