Malaysian Beware : Don't Share Your Pregnant Bump Photos Online – There Are Predators Out There Lusting Over Your Shots

cases where necrophiliacs committed sexual acts on dead bodies, and we can only think the same for maiesiophiliacs on pregnant women. pregnant-woman-fetish-group 2 Source: Harian Metro According to a recent NST report, there are 100 Facebook groups out there who are curating pregnant woman photos. Think of it as a group where people with unstable mentality frenzy over pregnant women photos to satisfy their ‘cravings’; they would go around collecting and even sharing photos of these trending baby bumps images. Worse still, it’s also reported that these maiesiophiliacs create Telegram and Whatsapp groups to share these images and leave disturbing comments. The next time when you think of flaunting your pregnancy progress photo, naked or clothed bump, remember you might be a victim to these predators. The photos are circulated without the victims’ consent and it attracts these predators stalk their victims in real life after being tempted by the victim’s “assets” as their identities have been fully exposed, Harian Metro reports. Here is a page we found online that gathers a group of maiesiophiliacs. In the caption, it explains the concept of maiesiophilia and expresses the excitement when they see the pictures. *Censored the pictures. pregnant-woman-fetish-group Previously, a kindergarten assistant who wants to be known only as Hani found out that the picture of her bump had fallen into the hands of irresponsible individuals. They had taken and circulated her picture to the dark spaces of the web.

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“The picture was uploaded when I was pregnant with my eldest son. There was not a single worry when I shared it on Facebook as I was wearing proper clothes without exposing any part of my body.
pregnant woman fetish Source: Facebook “A week later I was told by my friend that my photos were shared in other groups and when I read the comments, I felt so disgusted,” she said when contacted. Hani reported that she demanded the Facebook group owner to take down her photos via personal message or else she would turn to the police and lodge a report. In response to that, the head of maiesiophiliacs refused to comply and blamed her for uploading the image to Facebook publicly. Hani took it to herself and tried to investigate the person behind the page. She believed that the user knew her in real life because her residential location was stated in the caption. What?! That is an actual threat!  “Two days later, the page was blocked by Facebook, but until today I am traumatized and do not want to upload any more pictures on Facebook,” said the mother of two. pregnant woman fetish Source: Facebook Malaysian Psychiatric Association president Dr Ahmad Rostam Md Zin drew maiesiophilia in comparison with fetishes like pedophilia, zoophilia, and necrophilia. He said that the interest for such image-collection habit began when pregnant Demi Moore’s picture was on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991. demi-moore-pregnant-magazine Source: wikipedia Look what you have done, Vanity Fair. You are the spark of this ill culture.  The professor said that those who suffer from this paraphilia think nothing of it nor choose to seek treatment. “However technology advancements have allowed this fetish to grow and these individuals have come together to share their obsession. They are more likely to commit crimes when they cannot control their urges as what usually happens with pedophiles,” he said when talking to NST. “We understand that we are facing maiesiophilia sufferers who have a strange sexual addiction.
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“They are driven by lust and do not care about your privacy. If you are facing sexual abuse or detect that your pictures are being misused, please lodge a report with the authorities immediately and spread awareness of this illness to the public,” he said. Well, if you really have to share your bump, be sure to set your post as private and hope that none of your followers or friends are a maiesiophiliac.

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