These Shocking Images of A Mee Hoon Factory Will Disgust You

Rice vermicelli, better known as Mee Hoon or Bihun by locals, is a thin form of rice noodles that we Malaysians have enjoyed for decades. It’s a common but key component to several of our local favourites like Asam Laksa and Prawn Noodles. However, shocking images of a Mee Hoon factory in China that recently surfaced, will leave you unsettled and make your stomach churn in unconscionable disgust at the very mention of the word, ‘Bihun‘. beehoon1 Images captured from a Mee Hoon factory in Dongguan, China has left consumers hailing from South East Asia in great distaste. beehoon2 beehoon7 beehoon6 beehoon5 beehoon4 beehoon3 Maybe you ought to think twice before consuming Mee Hoon in the future. Send us any news updates ( crime , scam , story , bullies , accident , community and etc ) , opinion and inquiries to our email –[email protected]

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