[TIPS] 10 Things To Do After Receiving Your SPM Results!

10 things to do after SPM 1. Decide on your college – Further studies. The most common thing you will hear from your family members or that nosy auntie of yours. Some of you may be planning to further your studies in college majoring in whatever you’re interested in. You should join a college if you’re interested and don’t let anything hold you back from doing what you love, but if you are forced to study a subject you have no interest in, be sure to speak your mind. Letting your parents know that studying something you generally have no interest in will only be a setback. 2. Join the working world – Earning money. If you have no interest in studying just yet or at all, you can resort to working whether it is full time or part time. It will bring you income and you don’t have to be a couch potato, working can also earn you some real life experience that you did not have in school. When you’re a student, you’re constantly given allowance money by your parents to spend for your daily needs. But if you start working you will earn your own salary and then you can ease the burden of your parents, and if you earn more than enough you can even give back to your parents too! 3. Form 6 – Advance class. Form 6 is an option if you are up to the challenge to take up another 2 years at school. Being in form 6 generally prepares you for Univerisity, of course joining a college can bring you to a University too, but college’s Diploma certificate takes about 3 years and Form 6 is only 2. The choice is entirely up to you because your subjects are different too. Look into it with your school’s counselor if you are interested in joining Form 6. 4. Take a rest – Relax at home. After 12 consecutive years of learning at school, you may want to take a breather. Maybe you are waiting for your college’s intake in July or September, it is okay to wait for a while and enjoy your free time with your family and friends. If you plan to take a year or two’s worth of break, then you might as well start working, at least part-time therefore you won’t be a waste of space. 5. Vacation. The word says it all! Vacation! A holiday! Who wouldn’t want that? Experiencing different cultures in the world is definitely an eye opener and it may spark your interest in what you would like to do in the future, but just be sure you do this within your parents’ budget, or yours if you have earnings and savings. Road trip with your friends will be great too, but make sure you have your license if you’re driving okay! 6. Help out at home. Helping out at home will make your parents’ life a lot easier, this is different than relaxing at home because helping out means you do the housework and if your parents have a company or business of their own then you help them out. Be it a printing company, a shop, an advertising company or whatever, helping them out is what children should do, and if once you’ve decided you want to study or work then it’s entirely up to you, but family first. 7. Learn something new – New hobby. Learning something that interests you and turning it into your hobby is a great way to pass your time. You can learn a new language, a new sport, learn how to bake and see how you can develop these skills to earn you experiences and maybe some hobbies can even earn you some money, like YouTube casting, live broadcasting for gaming, and even joining competitions can earn you something! Do not judge a hobby! 8. Make new friends – Socializing. Socializing is the best way to make new friends, you can join events or even go on a group outing at a water park or themed park, even with your new found hobby you’re bound to make new friends. Sooner or later you’ll gain new friends but you should not lose your old friends, use this time to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones, you wouldn’t wanna be that one person who does not socialize once school is over. 9. Volunteering – Charity. Helping out at a charity is also another thing you could do, it does not have to be only towards the disabled, senior’s home or orphanage, you could include animal rescue and shelter volunteering to your list. You can even volunteer at an animal shelter to bathe dogs, feed dogs and cats, donating food to them. When mentioned “volunteering” the first thing comes to mind is unfortunate people. We need to make it known that animals need our help too, who knows you may meet your fated furry companion while volunteering. Did you know that animals in shelters are sometimes put to sleep because there are not enough space for all of them? We should also spread the attitude, “adopt, don’t shop” encourage everyone you know to adopt their furry companions, they will 100 times more grateful to you than the store bought ones. 10. Writing and reading for fun. Blogging is a great way to write and maybe you will discover your talent for writing and you may plan to publish a book in the future? Reading is another great way to boost your knowledge and read for fun, not for the sake of learning, you will eventually find something you’re really interested in and you can invest in that knowledge. We hope you find this list of things to do after SPM pleasing, and we hope it helped you think about your future.  

Now, things your SHOULD NOT do after SPM

1. Jump down a building – Suicide. DO NOT kill yourself over your SPM result, it is just your academic results and it does not set your future. The future is in your hands so do not end your life just because you got B, D, or G in your paper. Do you even have 9G’s now? Or was that in the past?

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1 Comment

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