Johor Crown Prince TMJ Reminded Nazri : Do Not Think The People Of This Country Exist To Provide You With Position & Wealth

Below is his statement in full: MESSAGE FOR MALAYSIANS

Of late, I just voiced out my opinion and a reminder that people who has been entrusted with the responsibility to not blame the people for losing trust and confidence in them, but think of why the people no longer have the confidence and trust in them.

Apparently my gentle reminder has been met with a rather hostile response from a minister. If I got such a reply, then what chances does the rest of the rakyat have? You are a minister, not a God from the heavens who lord above everybody.

Do not think the people of this country exist to provide you with position and wealth, but the position exists for you to serve the people. When I voice out, I do it as the leader of my rakyat, on behalf of Johoreans and Malaysians.

All I did is to remind the leaders of the country that they have a responsibility to serve the people, and for this, I am attacked. In the new world order, I envision a future that every person has a right to voice their opinions.

However, that is not the case in Malaysia today, where ministers think they are untouchable. I am willing to be cursed for standing up for what is right, rather than be loved for defending what is wrong. I am not a politician.

I am only answerable to Allah, my Sultan and the people of Johor. I do not do the bidding of some puppet-master who pulls the strings. Johor only has place for those who want to serve the people, not for those who want to garner votes for their own interests.

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There will come a time, when the Johorean people must decide what is best for us and our future generations. Decide and unite we will, as Bangsa Johor, to forge our future. United we stand strong, divided we fall. I stand for my rakyat, not to joust for power, not to topple the government, but to ensure the well-being of my people.

I never told anybody to step down or resign, only to remind politicians of their roles and responsibilities. If you cannot deal with that, it just shows your arrogance to the people.

Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with a comfortable life, and I can just live my own life and be oblivious to the worries of my people, but here I am, standing firm by their side. So for those wanting to tarnish my image and make me public enemy number one, the people are smarter than that, and they can think for themselves.

Do not use me to divert the attention from 1MDB and other national issues. This country needs politicians who are clean and transparent, who carry out their duties with sincerity and integrity.

HRH Brigadier General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, The Crown Prince of Johor.



  1. Audi

    March 3, 2018 at 09:15

    Well Said TMJ This minister is very crude and arrogant. He forgets that the Rakyat put him up there and we can always bring him down. We eagerly await the PRU14!

    • Gursharan Singh

      March 3, 2018 at 17:13

      Also do not give it away free.
      Men want virgins but the men are rarely virgins.
      Poligamy legal for men and approved by Almighty of some societies and religions but not for women. WHY when men cannot satisfy one woman whereas many men feel satified after gamg raping just one woman?

  2. Gursharan Singh

    March 3, 2018 at 17:15

    Comment wrongly postted here. Apologies.

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