Travel Agency Scam Buyers! Waited For More Than One Month Still Can't Refund!

D’tourstationtravel Sdn Bhd. She purchased the vacation ticket throighiut When she arrived at Colmar Tropicale on May 1, the front desk told her that there’s no booking under her name. image Aisyah called the management of travel agency, but no one answer. She had to pay for the hotel once again, even though she has paid beforehand to the agency. After the vacation, she called up the person in charge, they said they forgotten to book. When asked for refund, they says have to wait for 30 working days. She waited for one month, but there’s still no news! When she called again in June, the person in charge says they are not in charge in her case anymore, has to call their boss. Then she call their boss, only to find out the boss is at overseas. Aisyah was so angry with the travel agency. When she check their Facebook page, then only she found out that there are 2 to 3 people giving the same feedback! Seems like this travel agency has been scamming many people. Furious about this, she posted the incident on Facebook to create awareness to the others. image Please do share around to let others know, so that no one will be scammed by them anymore! See the whole post here!

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