Tun Daim: ‘Foolish To Change’ PM Now – Anwar Tried Many Elections And Failed – Mahathir Succeeded

Country Is Not Out Of Danger Yet : Citizens of Malaysia You Must Make A Stand – Some People Are Trying To Steal Your Victory

“The transition will be mid-term. If you break your promise to the people, they are not going to trust you anymore. It will be foolish for anybody to change [prime ministers now],” he was quoted saying in a recent interview. According to the Singapore daily, the timeline for a leadership change will most likely happen in 2020 as Dr Mahathir had repeatedly said he needs at least two years to resolve the problems left behind by Najib’s administration.

Tun Daim : Impatient Young Ones Pushing For Anwar – Reminded Them That Coalition Must Honour Its Election Campaign For Mahathir To Be PM

Daim also told the ST that he had met Anwar recently to convey the message that “you all tried how many elections and failed. Whether you like it or not, Mahathir succeeded”. Dr Mahathir returned to office as the seventh prime minister 15 years after retiring as the fourth PM in 2003. He had previously led the government for 22 long years from 1981. At 92, soon to turn 93 in July, Dr Mahathir is the world’s oldest democratically elected world leader.
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Tun Dr. Mahathir In A Race With Time Tells Anwar Ibrahim To Have Patience

Anwar is still serving a five-year sentence after being convicted of sodomising a former male aide and is currently warded at the Cheras Rehabilitation Centre here for treatment of a bad back. The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V had last week indicated he is willing to grant a royal pardon to Anwar, and the latter was supposed to be released today. But the Pardons Board has shifted its meeting to tomorrow, and Anwar’s release, as such, will be delayed.



  1. Suppaya Arumugam

    May 15, 2018 at 20:14

    Yes,without Dr Mahathir, PKR is no where.They tried previously but failed.Let TDM to carry out the job of cleaning the system.

  2. Anbalagan P S

    September 20, 2018 at 17:59

    Dear Malaysians please STOP SUPPORTING Anwar.let Tun Dr M do his duties.

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