Tun Daim : Impatient Young Ones Pushing For Anwar – Reminded Them That Coalition Must Honour Its Election Campaign For Mahathir To Be PM

He attributed the pressure to impatience among young politicians, not Anwar, describing the de facto PKR leader as a polished and experienced politician.

Tun Daim: ‘Foolish To Change’ PM Now – Anwar Tried Many Elections And Failed – Mahathir Succeeded

He also reminded PH politicians that the coalition must honour its election campaign pledge for Mahathir to be prime minister. “When you sell Tun M as the seventh PM you have to honour that, in fact you have to honour everything in the manifesto,” he said.

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“Sometimes in any political party there are those that are impatient. It’s the young fellows that are in a hurry, like most young people, which you also must accept,” he told reporters.

Tun Dr. Mahathir In A Race With Time Tells Anwar Ibrahim To Have Patience

Source : FMT

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