Tun Daim Video : Impatient Young Ones Pushing For Anwar – PH Coalition Must Honour Its Pledge for Mahathir to be PM

Senior government advisor Daim Zainuddin has allayed fears of disagreements in Pakatan Harapan (PH) about Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s tenure as prime minister, amid pressure for recently-released PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim to take over.

He attributed the pressure to impatience among young politicians, not Anwar, describing the de facto PKR leader as a polished and experienced politician.

He also reminded PH politicians that the coalition must honour its election campaign pledge for Mahathir to be prime minister.

“When you sell Tun M as the seventh PM you have to honour that, in fact you have to honour everything in the manifesto,” he said.

“Sometimes in any political party there are those that are impatient. It’s the young fellows that are in a hurry, like most young people, which you also must accept,” he told reporters.

“They are the ones that are impatient, not Anwar. Anwar understands the political situation very clearly. Anwar knows what the people think,” Daim said.

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