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Tun Dr. Mahathir’s Ex-Bodyguard Reveals Nine Golden Advice From Mahathir To Malaysians

The appointment of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia brought back the memories of Saad Hashim who was his former bodyguard on duty.

The 77-year-old Saad Hashim, better know as Pak Ad said he was deeply moved when Mahathir was once again appointed as Prime Minister.

Source: Sinar Harian

According to Pak Ad, he has served for 30 years when Mahathir became Member of the Parliament of Kubang Pasu.

“I am very happy when Tun is appointed once again and I feel like going back to work but my body is no longer able to work. This is in contrast to Tun despite being 93 years old but still able to ride horses and bicycles.

“Since long ago, Tun was very particular about health, by eating just enough for his stomach. What is unique is that Tun does not eat fish because he was taught by his mother since young.”

Source: Facebook

According to the former secretary-general of Kubang Pasu UMNO division, during his service, Mahathir was deemed as a punctual man. For him, time is like gold, it’s precious. Every time if there is any program, all personnel on duty will arrive early.

“Tun is a firm and courageous person. If he wants something, he will definitely go for it no matter if it is dangerous or not. For example, during the construction of University Utara Malaysia (UUM) he invited me to follow him even though the area was dangerous previously.

“Tun himself wanted to see how well UUM was building at that time. This shows that he is very concerned about the development and education of the community, especially students who want to pursue further studies.”

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

Pak Ad added, that the habit that remains in Mahathir to this day is that he carries around a notebook to record all the problems of the people or something new to him.

His book and pen are like his life as he would not go anywhere without the two things, even if he goes abroad.

“So, it’s not a surprise if Tun records down what he sees or hear abroad as it serves as a guide for him.

“That is why many reforms are brought in under his leadership with various policies to advance our country.”

Nine golden advice from Mahathir to Malaysians

Hopefully, with these pieces of advice, it will benefit the public.

#1. Do not be calculative when spending on books

Source: The KL Chronicle

When I was a child, I spent my parents’ money buying books on Sundays. I read a lot of English books, so I am fluent in English speech. From a young age with high hopes that when we do things over and over again, inevitably, we’ll be competent, including reading a book.

If you read a lot, your brain will be more efficient. What will you achieve in 3-5 years, is from what you read now. Do not think about spending money on reading materials. The value is not how much we spend (the money) but on what we will get later (knowledge).

#2. Change mindset to work in business

Alor Star is home to many Chinese shops. Pekan Melayu, but most of them are Chinese shops. I asked myself why. The Malays at the time thought opening businesses was a despicable job. Getting a salary is a noble job. Easy to say, with status, comes ‘style’. I feel very uneasy. The majority of Malays at that time are fishermen and farmers. Below average, I pity to see them. I saw that we need to change this mindset.

#3. Set up a strategy for success

Source: Berita Harian

When I was in Standard 4, Japan attacked Malaya. As a result, I did not attend school for three years. That time I was amazed at how Japan defeated the British. Most Malays assumed that it was impossible for the British to fall. That is why you can see where Japan is now compared to us. If they want to do something, they plan with a systematic strategy. From small issues to big and heavy issues.

#4. Defend our homeland despite anything

When Japan lost, the British returned to Malaya. We, Malaysians thought it was great. The British came, saying that they wanted a governmental form of government, they planned to raise Malayan Union, wanting to make Malaya as a British colony. Indirectly, the king is demoted, they will be in full control including legislation. At that time the Malays were angry, they just got angry. At that time, I was only a teenager, I was very active. At night, I posted a poster, protesting against the British.

#5. Leadership Tips – Know what the rakyat wants

1 tip to be a noble leader in the eyes of the people. Know what the people want. You make it happen, the people will love it. I love leaders who can bring regular individuals to successful people. In addition, the first leader I am impressed and exemplified is the messenger of Allah S.A.W. Second, Peter The Great, leader of Russia. And third, Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s independence fighter.

#6. The discipline of successful life

To do something, do it with discipline. For example, for today’s event at MMU Cyberjaya, my slot was at 4 pm, I arrived before 4 pm, and yes, I proved to you today.

#7. To the young people, never entertain extreme pleasure

Source: Tanwir

Do not get involved in extreme excitements. For example, the Malays now like to be rempit(s) instead of continuing further studies in universities. In the past, when we get university offers, we would be jumping for joy. Malays now need to be aware. If you’re not diligently studying new knowledge, you will never succeed.

#8. “Clean, efficient, trust”

Do your work honestly. In the past, I created a slogan, “Bersih Cekap Amanah”. If we practice ourselves as a discipline, and if we follow the principles that the slogan brings, our country will go beyond other developed countries.

#9. Sacrifices now will benefit the future generations

What can young people do for the country? My answer, you need to prioritize your family. society, and country. If the results do not look right now, it’s God’s will, we try, we pray to Him. Certainly, with God’s permission, our sacrifices in the past will allow our grandchildren to live comfortably. So is the description of independence. Today’s independence is the result of the sacrifice of our ancestors in their time.

(Source: Ais Kacang)

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