Tun Mahathir Points Out 14 Brilliant Reasons To Malays & Muslims Why He Isn't Against Oktoberfest ( Beer Festival )

absolutely against it. Source: MGS Tun Mahathir took to his Facebook page last year to share his views on the beer festival:

1. I was told that many were angry with me for not expressing my support for the beer festival (the October Fest) protest by non-Muslims.
2. For me, if non-Muslims are not restricted to drink alcohol or beer they can drink beer to their hearts’ content, that’s their problem. The important thing is they do not cause problems for others like driving in a drunken state. Source: The Star 3. What I’m really disappointed at is the drug abuse by Muslim youngsters that caused the death of 23 students in a tahfiz (religious) school when they burned a school dorm.
4. It looks like Muslims accept the student murder as normal. Yes. There are those who think this is all fate. Therefore we can only accept the fact. As mentioned by the religious teacher, the students who died after entering religious school will wait for their father and mother at the gate of paradise.
5. But for me, the question is why are there Malay / Muslim youngsters who are involved with drugs. Why don’t we ever hear the Chinese and Indians involved with drugs? Is this also fate? Is there anything that can be done to determine the Malay / Muslim children to reject drugs?
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Image for illustration purposes only | Source: CNN 6. Allah SWT says in the Quran that God will not correct the damage done by humans unless the person himself tries to correct them first.
7. Drug addiction is caused by the lack of control by parents in this age. The responsibility to inculcate drug rejection should be placed on the shoulder of a religious teacher in the school.
8. But in schools, apart from teaching certain worships for rewards (in afterlife; pahala) there is no sufficient pressure on the teachings of Islam; against sin, the good and bad, good life practice in Islam. With that the child is easily trapped by negativity, including the use of drugs. Source: 570 News 9. If being imbued with self-control preventing the bad and practicing good (charity ma’aruf nahi mungkar) as part of the claims of Islam, the possibility of the committing prohibited acts will decrease. But as far as I know there is no systematic training and teaching in this field in schools.
10. Knowledge alone is not enough if not controlled by good culture. I am so embarrassed to read the reports of so many bad behaviors by Muslims, especially young people. I think this should be given more attention by Muslims and not forbidding non-Muslims to drink beer.
11. This is my opinion. If you want to condemn and get angry with me for not breaking beer bottles in front of MB office, then by all means, get mad. 12. October Fest, the celebration of beer drinking in October is a German cultural tradition.
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Source: Hype 13. Germany receives one million Islamic refugees from Syria. Are these refugees going to stop the Germans in celebrating their annual beer festival as a repayment for saving them?
14. There is a Malay saying ‘do not interfere in other’s business’ (jaga tepi kain sendiri). As long as we do not drink alcohol and take drugs. It’s better than breaking beer bottles.
What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comment section below! (Source: Facebook)

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  1. Drinkers heaven

    October 13, 2018 at 09:13

    I’ll agree to that. They only promise things that can’t be proven. Like heaven and things like that. Full of horse shit. And if you don’t believe you’ll go to hell. Another delusional kind of stuff.

  2. Csy

    October 13, 2018 at 12:31

    Tun M is rite on this… jaga tepi kain sendiri…????

  3. Zulkefli

    November 1, 2018 at 10:40

    Sir.. your no:3 really troubling me and in fact which muslim accepted it as a normal matter, seriously’and could you pls show me one muslim in regards on what your very understood.
    Does not the Quran stated that, every childrens no matter what their parents faith hold on to,either they are muslim, christians, majusy till the very darn atheist.. and if they die( children) Allah would grant them paradise.. Subhanallah.. know this, im refferin before your no:4,Sir
    # Me, honestly i giv no shit if Chinese, Indians, Iban, Kwai Lo whatsoever, seriously Sir and in fact i even witnessed Malay people celebrated their Hari Raya Aidilfitri with tons of beer,accompanied by their multiracial guest friend.. Astaghfirullah. What im tryin to say is.. Your remarks..from my 2cent humbly.. what you point it out your problematic issue, the bugger was the Melayu.. not Muslim.
    Anytime Islam mention you could do anything,nevertheless Islam did warned there is the limit..Do not trespassin
    # Glory to ArRahman who cut the ears and

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