Tun Mahathir: We Will Abolish Grab, Ride-Sharing Services – "Defend The Rights of Taxi Drivers And Car Rentals In The Nation"

Other news reports indicate that at least 50,000 registered Grab drivers would be affected if Grab and similar ride-sharing applications are curbed in any way. Ride-sharing applications have generally been viewed as a cheaper public transportation option compared to regular taxis. It is estimated that at least 50,000 registered Grab drivers would be directly affected if the opposition decides to do away with e-hailing services. Previous reports had indicated that many Malaysians drive for Grab (and previously Uber) not just to supplement their income, with some also seeing it as their main source of income. Such a move, say analysts, would also severely hamper urban mobility. The government has since taken steps to bridge the gap between taxis and ride-sharing services by implementing several key initiatives. As of April 6, ride-sharing drivers are subject to the same regulations and requirements as taxi drivers, where as e-hailing drivers will need to undergo evaluations involving their background, traffic offences, health, training level and vehicle roadworthiness. Source : Malaysia Today Earlier, Sinar Harian reported that Dr Mahathir would “menghapuskan (abolish)” the ride-hailing services. He was quoting as saying he would “defend the rights of taxi drivers and car rentals in the nation. “The problem with the Grab (services) is not just in Langkawi but the whole of Malaysia. “Grab has caused losses for taxi drivers. But, this will be further studied so that taxi services will be fair to all parties. “This is what we will do when we take over the government,” he said during a dialogue session with Langkawi tourist drivers on Saturday (April 28). Source : Asiaone

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