UMNO Ahmad Maslan : Uneducated Malaysians Won’t Understand Why GE15 Must Be Held As Soon As Possible

Newly appointed Barisan Nasional Secretary-General, Ahmad Maslan has claimed that Malaysians without high education won’t understand the necessity of holding a General Election. Furthermore, he said that only those with a PhD will wholly understand why Malaysia needs GE15 to be held as soon as possible.

Ahmad Maslan, who is also the Secretary-General for UMNO said so during an event called ‘Wacana Ilmu’ hosted by UMNO Tanjung Malim in collaboration with UMNO Perak’s information division yesterday. The event was streamed live on UMNO’s Facebook page here.

In the early parts of his speech, Ahmad Maslan referred to a video piece made by either Astro Awani or TV3 interviewing a Malaysian working as a coconut grater about his thoughts on holding GE15. He said,

“Just now, I was shown a video from Awani. If not Awani, it was TV3… They interviewed a pemarut kelapa (coconut grater). A young fella. I’m not sure if he has registered to vote or not. The individual said that we can’t hold an election because of the dangers of Covid-19.”

Afterwards, Ahmad Maslan said that some 30 countries have held General Elections during the Covid-19 pandemic. He then gave the examples of United States, South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand.

The former Minister also said that even Malaysia had successfully held elections during the pandemic. He referred to the by-election in Chini and Slim, as well as the Sabah State Elections.

Afterwards, Ahmad Maslan then referred back to the video piece he mentioned earlier. He said,

“I think the coconut grater just now didn’t notice or can’t comprehend (that the government only has a bare minimum majority). That individual interviewed as the grassroots voice of the rakyat, I don’t know, maybe he’s just a secondary school graduate.

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“Maybe if he’s from UIA or have a PhD, I think only then can he comment on the issue correctly.”

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