UMNO Blamed Muhyiddin Yassin & PPBM For “Kerajaan Gagal”- After Ismail Sabri Take Over & Muhyiddin Resigned, Nothing Has Changed

Pakatan Harapan promised Malaysians the moon and the stars in their 2018 general election manifesto. Lim Guan Eng even literally did a song and dance about the GST — ABCDGST — where he alleged, because of the GST, Malaysians have been reduced to eating Maggi Mee.

Once Pakatan Harapan takes over, and the GST is abolished, the cost of living is going to come down. Toll charges on highways will be abolished. The cost of cars will be reduced. Education and healthcare will be free. The minimum wage will be set at RM2,000 a month. Taxes will be reduced. Water and electricity will be cheaper. Malaysians can afford to go to Mekah, Disneyland, Las Vegas, the Riviera, and more, every year. Malaysians can afford to retire when they are 55 because they will have so much savings in their EPF they do not need to work anymore.

In short, Malaysia will be Nirvana and Shangri-La two-in-one.

Yes, most Malaysians live in La La Land. So it is very easy to con them. All it needs is for Anwar Ibrahim to give his speech about pendekatan, addressing the concerns of the rakyat, the reform agenda, accountability, etc., and most Malaysians, in particular the non-Malays, would get an orgasm.

It makes one wonder whether vernacular schools are really that superior after all.

But when Pakatan Harapan took over on 10th May 2018, all that did not happen. To make matters worse, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad even admitted that none of what they promised was realistic. They made those promises thinking they would not win the general election, meaning they would not need to deliver any of the promises.

And that disaster is going to remain with Pakatan Harapan for a long time to come.

One major problem Pakatan Harapan is going to face is what are they going to promise the voters in the next general election? What is Pakatan Harapan’s GE15 general election manifesto going to look like?

They cannot recycle their GE14 general election manifesto for GE15. They already admitted their GE14 general election manifesto is unrealistic and cannot be delivered. So they need a totally new general election manifesto for GE15.

And that is going to be a problem because there is only so much you can promise. And if you promise too little, far less than in GE14, the voters will not be happy. So what is Pakatan Harapan going to promise in their GE15 general election manifesto?

Now Umno is facing that same problem. For more than a year they kept screaming “Kerajaan Gagal”. And they blamed Muhyiddin Yassin and PPBM for this “Kerajaan Gagal”. But 18 days after Muhyiddin resigned, nothing has changed.

The quarantine period for those tested positive for Covid-19 is just 14 days. So, by 18 days, the Covid-19 virus should have totally disappeared. Instead, after 18 days, the Covid-19 figures have increased. What happened? It looks like Muhyiddin’s resignation has not been able to eradicate Covid-19 after all, like Umno promised.

Umno made the same mistake as Pakatan Harapan. And now they are a victim of their own promises. They made false claims and allegations, which have backfired in their faces. What is the new “Umno-led PN government” going to do? They need to prove that after the “Umno-led PN government” replaces the “PPBM-led PN government”, things would change and/or improve.

You will be measured by your KPI. And the KPI will be based on what you promised. Pakatan Harapan found out the hard way they are a victim of their own lies. Will Umno suffer the same? The clock is ticking. People are expecting a land of milk and honey. In future, be careful how you spin your propaganda. So, what is Umno’s new spin going to be? Najib pun dah senyap.

Source : Malaysia Today

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