UMNO Irwan Serigar Has More Than 7000 Young Girls He Spends Many Hours A Day Communicating With Them – Would Never Turn Down Appointments From Women

Fast bikes and fast women is Irwan’s favourite pastime

Not many may have heard of this Irwan chap but he is actually very popular with the girls. He has more than 7,000 young girls on his Instagram and he spends many hours a day communicating with them. One wonders where he has the time to run the more than ten companies he is on the board of, six of them where he holds the Chairmanship. On top of that he has his job in the Finance Ministry plus his Chairmanship in Bandar Malaysia and TRX City and the Chairmanship of the Income Tax Department or LHDN.

In fact, his LHDN story is most amusing. Irwan wanted a certain very beautiful woman named Liyana to be appointed as his liaison officer but then she was not qualified enough so it could not be done. Irwan was pissed big time so he had the LHDN boss removed for not giving him the woman he wanted.

Nur Fazura has a special place in Irwan’s heart and on his office desk

On Irwan’s office desk is a framed picture of an actress, Nur Fazura. Visitors to his office find it strange that someone would put a picture of an actress on his desk instead of a picture of his wife or family.

Irwan needs to impress the world that he is a lady’s man so these trimmings and trappings are very important to him. Bankers who make appointments to meet him have said that if it is a male making that appointment then he would not be given an appointment. However, Irwan would never turn down requests for appointments from women. In fact, not only will he meet them but he will suggest that they meet outside the office for a drink.

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What is Soraya’s link with Irwan?

The hot talk in town is regarding Soraya Munday, who Irwan introduced for a corporate finance job in a GLC. The word is if you are a sexy young woman and you need help, all you have to do is call Irwan and consider it done. It makes one wonder how many sweet young things Dalian Wanda sent to meet Irwan to be able to sabotage the IWH-CREC deal. And at the drop of a panty IWH-CREC was replaced with Dalian Wanda-Malton group.

Najib should be very careful about giving important jobs to someone who can’t keep his pecker in his pants. And if Najib is not careful this Bandar Malaysia-TRX matter might turn into a second disaster after 1MDB in 2014. Just as Arul finished cleaning up 1MDB and turned it back to profitability and viability, we are beginning to see another disaster looming over the horizon.

Source : Malaysia Today

UMNO Irwan Siregar’s 20 Malaysia GLC Directorships: 1MDB , Petronas , KWAP , Khazanah , Bank Negara , Tabung Haji

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1 Comment

  1. Salim

    October 25, 2018 at 22:11

    His appearance is worst then ugly toad but money the matter for these 7K breathers.He bonk and sleeping , din and live with family on others money, holding world class moral and dignities.

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