UMNO Nazri Tells MCA : Why Are You Even Still With BN? – “Just Leave Lah”

The Padang Rengas MP also revealed that MCA had not formally explained its position in the coalition after its party central committee unanimously voted to dissolve BN during MCA’s 65th General Assembly on Dec 2.

“Honestly I do not understand what they are up to. I do not know. I think they need to explain to us,” he said. Nazri said it must be understood that there is a convention in BN whereby any proposals or suggestions is brought to the BN supreme council if there is an opposing party.

“But as you do know also that two other parties in the coalition — Umno and MIC — who do not agree with BN’s dissolution, so this becomes an academic question.

“Whether you call a meeting or not it does not matter because it will not happen,” he added, saying there has been no meeting on the matter to date.

“To me if they want to leave, just leave lah. What is there to dissolve or not?

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“Maybe when we have free time, we will call a meeting to formalise things but at this moment there are more important matters at hand to deal with,” he said.

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