UMNO Supreme Council Decided To Nominate Hishammuddin For DPM Position

Members of Umno’s supreme council have begun arriving at the party headquarters here for a meeting rumoured to centre around renegotiation conditions with Perikatan Nasional (PN).

They were seen arriving from 7.45pm for the meeting believed to be scheduled for 8pm, greeted by at least 50 members of the press.

Among the more notable names seen arriving at the Menara Datuk Onn building were Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Datuk Seri Ahmad Rahman Dahlan, and Tan Sri Noh Omar.

Also spotted entering the headquarters were Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, Datuk Jamaluddin Alias, Datuk Seri Razali Ibrahim and Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin among others.

While the actual agenda of the meeting is still unclear, rumours of Umno discussing the party demanding a deputy prime minister from among their ranks be appointed into the government have surfaced.

Also speculated is the possibility of Umno discussing renewed terms to be tabled to PN being the agenda on today’s meeting.

The meeting comes mere days after Umno announced its support for Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the PN government.

The desire of the Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin to appoint a Deputy Prime Minister other than Zahid Hamidi, not only failed to resolve the issue of UMNO’s relationship with Bersatu, but also aimed at killing the UMNO President’s political future.

With another person appointed as UMNO Deputy President, Zahid Hamidi will definitely be buried and will no longer be able to defend his position in the party election next year.

Or is it really what Muhyiddin wants so that after that UMNO will continue to be bullied to submit to all the wishes of Bersatu?

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As reported by a Chinese-language newspaper, Muhyiddin is said to be ready to appoint between three UMNO leaders as Deputy Prime Minister, namely Mohamad Hasan, Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Hishammuddin Hussein.

However, Muhyiddin is said not to want to appoint Zahid Hamidi for the post because Zahid Hamidi is still facing a court case.

In this case, apart from wanting to kill Zahid Hamidi’s future, he also turned out to have a true “double standard” attitude in his consideration.

If that is the reason, why did he allow Bung Mokhhar Radin who is also facing a court case to be appointed as Sabah Deputy Chief Minister?

What is the difference, aren’t Zahid Hamidi and Bung Mokhhar Radin both facing trial in court?

Isn’t the legal principle of saying a person not considered guilty until he or she is proven guilty?

More than that, what is the difference if appointing Zahid Hamidi who has a court case as Deputy Prime Minister by giving the post of senior minister equivalent to the Deputy Prime Minister to Azmin Ali whose position is understood by many seems to be protected from being prosecuted in court on the issue “Haziq video ”?

Is Azmin, the one who is protected and his case kept shut even though his gay video is scattered everywhere, to be considered cleaner than Zahid Hamidi whose case is still being tried?

Although Zahid Hamidi admitted that there was a court case, he managed to restore UMNO after losing the last GE14, including exploring a new dimension of relationship with Pas.

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It made UMNO accepted again until it was able to win several previous by-elections, including beating Bersatu itself.

Thus, apart from taking into account the fact that his court case is in the capacity of an individual, Zahid Hamidi should not be denied to be the Deputy Prime Minister based on the post of UMNO President he holds.

All UMNO members must defend Zahid Hamidi as respect for the institution of the UMNO President himself.

After all, if previously Muhyiddin denied the number two position in the government for UMNO and gave it to Azmin, suddenly now wants to offer it to UMNO when the party is wants to sever cooperation in PN, it clearly shows Muhyiddin’s insincerity.

More insincerely, it is also stipulated that the post is not for Zahid Hamidi, but for other leaders besides.

It should be understood that UMNO’s cooperative relationship with Bersatu in PN will not recover if not for Zahid Hamidi who was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister.

It will even make UMNO continue to be a victim of bullying Bersatu for a longer period, maybe even forever.

Through the new malicious offer and the meaning of this “related little index finger”, UMNO has no choice but to reject it outright.

If not given the position of Deputy Prime Minister, Zahid Hamidi must bring UMNO immediately out of PN to either find a new friend who better understands and respects his position as UMNO President, even if leaving PN can lead to GE held immediately, he is also not impossible continues to occupy the Prime Minister’s seat.

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For that, just reject Muhyiddin’s offer.

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