UMNO Warlord Nazri : UMNO Should Distance Itself From Najib – If Najib Loves UMNO He Should Distance Himself

“It is difficult (for Umno) as he has yet to let us free. Its like we are being shadowed by him. “Therefore, Umno should disassociate itself with Najib so that the new president can lead the party.

“It is not about being loyal to the party, but about our love to the party,” he said when met at the Parliament lobby. Nazri was responding to question on several calls made by Umno leaders for the party to distance itself from the former prime minister.

He said Najib should have followed the footsteps of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, known as Pak Lah, who kept their distance from Umno after they handed over the post of president to their successors.

“I believe that Dr Mahathir and Pak Lah love the party, therefore they kept their distance, afraid that any stigma on them would affect the party. “So, if Najib loves Umno, he should do the same (to distance himself from Umno).”

He said Zahid as the new party president should be given the space to lead the party. “Of course it will not be easy for Zahid to say so,” he said. Nazri said as Najib was already charged and facing trial, it would somehow also affect the party

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“He used to be our boss, but he must also understand…don’t wait until we tell (him to step aside),” he said. Meanwhile, on Dr Mahathir, Nazri said he always in support of the former’s leadership.

“He used to be the prime minister before and he is the prime minister again now, so we have to support him. “I do not have record of going against the prime minister and it is not my culture (of doing so).”

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