UMNO Will Pass A Special Resolution On 31 January 2021 To Get Rid of Zahid Hamidi & Place Hisham As Party Chief

HISHAMMUDDIN Hussein will be made deputy prime minister as early as this week as Muhyiddin Yassin tries to shore up his Perikatan Nasional (PN) administration and stem defections from Umno, sources said today.

The Malaysian Insight understands the move could anger instead of appease Umno after the party’s Supreme Council’s decision to review any electoral pact with Bersatu and Kelantan Umno chief and Machang MP Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub’s decision to withdraw his support for PN over the weekend.

My Comments :

First of all this lays to rest any prospect of Azmin and Ismail Sabri progressing to the DPM position. Having joined Bersatu, Azmin has no choice but to toe the party line.

Ismail Sabri was never in the running for anything higher (at this point) because he is not No. 2 in Umno.

Hishamuddin Onn has been catapulted over everyone else.

It is another slap in the face for the increasingly clownish Zahid Hamidi who has become a huge liability to Umno, just like Najib.

It also dims the hopes of Mohammad Hassan (Umno’s No 2) of becoming Umno president and DPM, PM, etc.

If Hishamuddin (lets use H2O and save some typing) is confirmed as DPM then it is a logical step that H2O will also become Umno president.

When will that happen? January 31 is as a good a date as any. Umno will have their assembly, why not pass a special resolution, get rid of Zahid Hamidi and place H2O as party chief ?

That may put to rest the suggestions by Umno stalwarts Mohammad Hassan, Nazri Aziz and some others that Umno offer to take Muhyiddin back into the party and make him president again.

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Or that may still happen. There could be a grand chess move where Muhyiddin rejoins Umno, becomes president of the party, H2O becomes deputy president of Umno and remains as DPM.

Then both the PM and DPM revert back to Umno.

(All this simply because EIGHT years ago Umno tak ada teloq to get rid of Najib – after PRU13.)

Pas is not relevant – they never were. They will always be a liability to the country. However there are much easier and more effective ways of handling Pas. You do not need a brader Anwar or ABIM to neutralise Pas. That was Dr Mahathir’s huge mistake that he made 38 years ago. He should not have brought Anwar into Umno to neutralise Pas.

But with only 111 seats on their side, getting Bills passed in Parliament is going to be a problem for the PN.

This is where both Warisan and DAP have to think quickly. Herein lies great opportunity. We do not need another General Election.

If H2O signs on as DPM, of course there will be much less threat to PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

If the DAP (42 seats in Parliament) and Warisan (8 seats in Parliament) can work with Bersatu and Umno, the country will settle down. Shafie Apdal can get back Sabah and be Chief Minister again.

Malaysia has had enough of this useless political rivalries and time wasting fighting.

Considering the fact that almost all the parties and especially the political leaders have now been in “collaboration” with each other at some point in time, nothing is impossible.

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Who would have guessed that after a lifetime of being political enemies Dr Mahathir and Mr Lim Kit Siang would stand together on the same side? Or that Pas would join up with Umno? But that is what has happened. There is even a coffee shop somewhere that has put up pictures of world famous Communist leaders etc. (And attracted some controversy but communism is dead lah kawan. It was another fake religion.)

Anyway Malaysia Boleh. So why fight? Why not work together?

I want to amend my statement in the earlier post that unemployment could go past FOUR MILLION by end of 2021 and edge towards FIVE MILLION. Some people say the figures could be worse.

We really do not have time. Much needs to be done to turn the country around. Dont waste time.

If H2O is going to be DPM, congrats bro. Do a good job. Your late father – our third Prime Minister – was a good man. Do carry the torch.

Source :

Najib Case Could Be Concluded By Aug 1 2021 At The Federal Court – Will Be Send To Jail & Ban From Contesting In The 15th, 16th & 17th GE

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