Uniquely Taiwan!!! It's Practically A Ritual To Hire Strippers And Pole Dancers For A Funeral!!!

Well, I know that secretly there’s a few of you who wish to do the same during your own funeral. You might want to save up an extra RM10k or something if you would want one at your funeral. Apparently, these shows aren’t meant to discriminate the deceased or anything like that, it’s more towards giving them a final “parade” / “excitement” before they move on to the next world. One of the veteran entertainer, Chiang Pei-Ying, who is already 31, started this “ritual” when she was 6! According to a source, Pei-Ying and her family would go around performing, mainly dancing and singing. Since she has been doing it since young, this “entertainment” where she performs for the dead is nothing peculiar. I guess it’s safe to say that in Taiwan if your family members knew about your constant visits to clubs, you would probably be getting a super hyped up funeral. Just like when one of the Taiwanese politicians who passed away recently had a massive parade with 50 pole dancers performing for his final ride on earth. Though this practice breaks a lot of taboo, hey, who can deny the fact that we all would love to enjoy life even if it’s the afterlife, right?  

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