[UNPROFESSIONAL] Shameless 'Photographer' Steals Other's Work And Turns Them Into His Own - The Coverage

[UNPROFESSIONAL] Shameless ‘Photographer’ Steals Other’s Work And Turns Them Into His Own


Apparently, some of the models did give permission for Weng to use their pictures. So, here comes the question, is it right for them to ‘allow’ others to reuse and redesign their pictures or should the models themselves inform their original photographers first?


Well, that sucks! Don’t even bother calling yourself a photographer if all you do is steal watermarked pictures from other photographers and ‘redesign’ the layout of the picture to call it your own!

Shame on you! Even if you just wanted to reuse some of the pictures the least you could have done was to credit the owner for it…but no…you chose to do it the way you did.

It seems that this man, Weng Hong Lai triggered the whole photographers’ community and they are having enough of this sh*tty and unprofessional behaviour. People like this really tend to spoil the whole market!

It is also noted that all the victims (photographers and models themselves) have been reporting his Facebook account, however, for some reason, his account still seems to be ‘alive’.

And you know as the saying goes copy if you must, but do it wisely. Well, this guy doesn’t seem to be that smart either as;

No.1 : He is in the close circle of those whom he has stolen from

No.2 : He completely turns a blind eye to re-posting the stolen pictures with the original watermarks too! Sometimes even cropped in ways that the watermark can’t be seen.

Just earlier today, we spotted Allen Aznan a credible photographer ranting about this guy.

These are the few photographers that also experienced the same:

Jason Ooi: agree… he always steal ppl pic and re-edit in his own template… damn him

Helmsley Chong Gui Sen: Bro,he stole a lot of models photos liao.

Chee Chung Many photographer photo inside his post…..?


What’s, even more, mind blowing is that this guy even made a page out of his passion of stealing! It’s literally a page filled with pictures stolen from other photographers! We are not going to share the page’s name here as it would only ‘promote’ his wrong doings even further.

I, personally, believe that this guy should be sued or permanently banned from the photographers’ community and any industry that’s related to a lot of hot babes.


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