Venice Min, The Beautiful Coverage Babe Is Now An Official Race Car Driver

Venice was approached by a company at the age of 17 to start her modelling career, however, she felt that her body was still unfit to be a model and was given a time frame to lose some weight, which she did due to stress from studying for SPM. After graduating she moved to KL for further studies and she did modelling at the same time to pay for her education. After 5 years of modelling, Venice finally started up her own company and it has been 7 months since its launch. This young model-cum-entrepreneur claims that she is satisfied with how her company is now. Being quite the feminist, Venice knows that women can do what men can, like driving a manual car. She wants to prove to the world that women can drive stick too! Being surrounded by technology, Venice is actually a very down to earth and old school type of person, she prefers writing with pen and paper rather than using gadgets. She describes herself as a tiger, courageous and dominant but every now and then, she gives and takes.

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Venice shared with us how she felt during her first time on the race track, it was s a mix of emotions, nervous, anxious, you name it, but most of all, she felt excited and clearly she doesn’t want to stop. To be a racer, it takes a lot of courage and real skills, while you’re on the track feeling the heat from the blazing sun, you don’t have time to care for your looks because your safety and your basic foundation are what matters now. One wrong move and it will result in minor to major injuries. Yes, Venice admits that racing is a dangerous sport, but if done correctly, you can share your victory with joy! Although racing sounds nice, but keep in mind that it is an expensive sport, Toyota is now having a promotion where you can buy a car from them and they’ll sign you up for a racing school where you can learn more about the fast life. However, Venice isn’t sure if the promotion is still on, but no harm checking with your nearest Toyota car dealer! Venice advises our readers out there who have any interest in becoming a racer themselves:
“Make sure you get your foundation right, your basic. Racing lining and braking skills matters so much! Tactics are important.” “There was once, I drove on the track, and my racing line was a little out of apex, just by a little, I oversteered and skid twice, so that’s like turning 360 degrees, twice.”
It is very important to know how to handle your car and to have your basic foundation instilled in you.
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“Throughout my racing school, my instructors have been telling me to get my foundation right, safety first, don’t always focus about winning or driving fast. “Winning is not everything.”
Venice’s first race is about to start this Saturday on August 12, in Batu Kawan, Penang, where the blogger and model will be joined with 7 other celebrity racers including actors Fattah Amin, Diana Danielle, Shukri Yahaya and Janna Nick, singers Geraldine Gan and Danny Koo, and beatboxer Shawn Lee. All racers will be using the same car in the Vios Challenge, so this will really prove their skills on the track. From this weekend onwards, there will be 4 other races in Malaysia until March 2018, 2 races will be in KL happening in November 2017 and next year probably in March 2018, 1 more race will be held in Johor Bahru probably in January 2018. One thing great about the event is that the entrance is FREE! You get to enjoy the event highlights including drift shows, celebrity performances, test drives, and a special showcase of the upcoming Toyota C-HR completely free of charge, they even have food trucks called to the event in case you get hungry! If you have nothing to do this weekend, why don’t you head over to Batu Kawan, Penang for a thrilling experience!  

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