Video : Hong Kong TVB Actress & Yoga Queen Coffee Lam Had Quickie Sex in Public Restroom - 30 Minute Toilet Scandal - The Coverage

Video : Hong Kong TVB Actress & Yoga Queen Coffee Lam Had Quickie Sex in Public Restroom – 30 Minute Toilet Scandal

TVB actress Coffee Lam (林芊妤) was speculated to have had quickie sex inside a public restroom. She and a male friend, Will Lam (林知譽), shared a spacious restroom stall for people with disabilities located inside a Hong Kong mall. Confronted by the press after the 30-minute tryst, Coffee said that she did not do anything indecent inside the restroom, explaining that it was only a “gathering to talk” .

Sexy Restroom Date?

After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend several months ago, Coffee was spotted on a date with 31-year-old Will Lam at the IFC Mall. Will is the heir of High Fashion International Limited, which has a $900 million HKD market capitalization. Although Coffee and Will apparently only met a few times, his hand was seen resting on Coffee’s buttocks after kissing her passionately.

The couple rushed into a public restroom and stayed for roughly 30 minutes. During that time, loud knocking sounds and heavy breathing were heard. After some shuffling, Coffee and her date began speaking heatedly. Afraid that someone might knock on the door, Coffee openly asked to go to Will’s house. She also said to Will, “I like you, but I feel like you’re playing me.”

When Coffee and Will finally opened the restroom door, they were shocked to find reporters waiting outside. Will went back into the restroom, while Coffee explained that they were not doing anything indecent.

Coffee’s Cries For Help

Only 25-years-old, Coffee’s incident may potentially burn all bridges and ruin any further advancement in her acting career. On her Sina Weibo blog today, Coffee admitted that she made a mistake and asked for forgiveness for her “lax behavior at a public place”. She hoped the media would give her some space, “Who doesn’t make a mistake? I will change.”

Some fans expressed disappointment in Coffee’s lack of ethics, while others were concerned whether her career will be over. However, it was not ruled out that Coffee may even have staged the incident for publicity.

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According to Mingpao News, not only was the actress criticised by the public, she may be suspended by TVB as well. Furthermore, her family members were reportedly harassed by reporters who wanted more details and comments on the scandal.

In response to her personal life, the 25-year-old actress, who reportedly has been staying at her friend’s house since her scandal broke out, posted on Weibo, “I admit that I was careless that night and did not control my actions properly at a public area.”

“I am truly sad, because I have disappointed my family and friends. I understand that I have to bear the consequences and I will bravely face it,” she said.

Coffee also hopes that the media will give her more space and allow her to move on from the issue, “Who doesn’t make mistakes? I will definitely change.”

In other reports, it was revealed that her date, Will Lam is the heir of High Fashion International Limited – a business worth HKD 900 million (approx. USD 116 million). According to Coffee’s mother, the two of them have been dating for two months before the restroom ruckus brought their relationship to the media’s attention.

Coffee Lam makes headlines again with scandalous photos

After the restroom sex scandal, Coffee Lam is in hot soup again with scandalous photos on her and her ex-boyfriend. A series of kissing photos of her and Joey Law have been circulating on the web and some of which are smooching photos taken on bed.

The TVB actress has no lack of scandals. Possessing a voluptuous figure, Coffee was rumoured with numerous male artistes and production crew. She was recently caught to have a ‘private gathering’ at a public handicap restroom with Will Lam, the heir of High Fashion International Limited.

Coffee reportedly dated Joey Law, the former Mr. Hong Kong participant, when they were filming for a drama together in 2009. The couple eventually broke up after dating for some time.

As the photos were published just after her restroom scandal, many wondered if it was a publicity stunt by the actress herself. Coffee responded that she was betrayed by a friend, who posted the photos on the web. She stressed that she did not intentionally leak the photos to gain publicity.

Coffee has also apologised to Joey over the photos. She said, “He is very nice and told me not to worry.”

Joey responded that the photos were taken four to five years ago. Asked if he had suspected that it was an deliberate publicity by Coffee, Joey said, “No comment.”

Coffee was supposed to meet up with TVB management over her contract two days ago. The TV station reportedly has plans to terminate her contract due to her negative image. However, Coffee has delayed the meeting, citing that she is unwell.

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