[VIDEO] Horrifying Moment When A Drug Turns Its Users Into Zombies - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Horrifying Moment When A Drug Turns Its Users Into Zombies

For quite some time now we’ve heard of drugs turning people into zombies and rumor has it that it has affected some people in the past (Bath Salt) but what I can’t fathom is that after hearing all these news, why would you still want to take the drug? Do you fantasize being a zombie? What has the world become?

We also only seen pictures or news about it, but we’ve never seen an actual video proof of some effects of the drugs.

Luckily, 2 videos taken in Brazil have surfaced online showing us the effects of the horrible drugs, Cloud Nine, very similar to the drug Bath Salt is reported to cause extreme relaxation, panic attack, stroke, or even convert the user into cannibal overnight.

In one of the videos, a woman is seen laying on the back of a vehicle with her legs in an extremely relaxed state, and only her upper body was restless.

She can be heard muttering some words, while another video shows a man going head-on with a bus, he can be seen running and headbutting the bus until the windscreen actually cracked!

Seriously people, don’t do drugs. Don’t you value your life? Do not put your life and others at risk! Drugs are not simple, it will mess with your mind and drain you from all of your money and will leave you stealing, begging, hurting, and killing for more.

Regardless if it’s peer pressure or curiosity, don’t do it! There are far better ways to relieve stress or anything for that matter.

Watch the videos below and share your thoughts with us!



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