【COMMUNITY】 Kind-Hearted Malay Man Rescues A Dog That Got Pierced By A Porcupine!!! - The Coverage

【COMMUNITY】 Kind-Hearted Malay Man Rescues A Dog That Got Pierced By A Porcupine!!!

You see how warm and fuzzy the feeling is when you see people going out of their way to save animals that are in need of help! I feel like this was the reason why animals were made in the first place, for allowing people to grow with compassion and love.

This Malay guy, Mohd Azizii, shared his odd experience on Facebook yesterday and surely it has captured our attention!

Despite being “held” down by the strict rules of Islam, or rather at least that’s how the community puts it like, Azizii went out of his way and saved a stray dog that seemed to be in pain.

In the video, he was seen wearing rubber gloves to protect his hand, just in case if the dog decides to bite him out of fear and pain, trying to soothe and calm the dog down. He even gently pats the dog’s head while trying to get it to stand up.

After several tries, he managed to pull out the two long and huge quills that were stuck at the bottom of the neck of the female dog. It was saddening to see the doggie howling in pain, but thankfully as she knew Azizii was there to help her, she sat quietly and allowed him to do what he did.

Honestly, bless Azizii’s kind soul for looking past and beyond the “restrictions” and still saved the helpless animal.

Take a look at the heroic video below!

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