Video : Malaysian Crazy Drunk Volvo Driver Drive Opposite Road Direction & Crashes Black Myvi Car

CRAZY – CRAZY AA. Evening like this can be drunk!
The incident happened today 4 SEPT20, 6.30 pm at Jalan Klang Lama heading to Kuala Lumpur.

Volvo car drives against directions and crashes Black Myvi car
I thought I was fighting, I’m afraid I’d like to go to the car. Can’t see anything in the dark mirror, Maybe suddenly it comes out of a machete or what.
After a few seconds, the Volvo Owner would be nervous when the people came, he immediately dragged the Myvi car.

When the condition is slow, Volvo opens the door, Well, one car smells like alcohol. Turns out to be drunk in the afternoon.

No soul accident, black Myvi female driver is safe but she is very traumatized.
After the incident, black Volvo was arrested by the people (no hit session) and wait for the Police to come for further action.
Moral of the story.

Source : Amerul Izuwan

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