[VIDEO] Netizens Are Fuming At A Pet Tortoise Owner For Feeding It Chilli Padi - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Netizens Are Fuming At A Pet Tortoise Owner For Feeding It Chilli Padi

Heartless pricks are everywhere! Just 2 days ago, JOKER 2.0 posted up a short video showing the unthinkable act of a pet owner. The clip had netizens fuming and cursing at the admin of the Facebook page as they thought he was the inhumane person who did that to the tortoise. (Even if he wasn’t the animal abuser, for him to think that it was funny because of the way he captioned it, IMO he is equally to be ashamed for posting it.)

At the time of press, the post has already been shared over 34,000 times and many are seeking for the idiot who did it.

What makes it so frustrating is that there were a group of people who actually found this to be funny among the sea of people who were pissed or saddened by this video.

There’s honestly nothing that is humourous about this and we have to totally agree with some of the comments that the netizens left on this post;

Le Trang: This sick bastard! What did the innocent turtle ever done to him?! If u can find it in ur heart to feed the turtle properly then don’t. But to do that is pure evil! I hope karma deal u an extremely painful blow soon u low life!!

Ekin Mohd Din: This is not a fucking joke asshole. Try stuffing up the chilli up to the place where the sun don’t shine YOUR ASSHOLE I meant and see how funny that will be. Human race has lost it sense of humor. Such a bloody disgrace.

Chris Gooi: This is a sick joke. This is where children learn to be sickos abusing animals and soon becoming rapist and murderers. If you cannot treat animals well and you think animals are for entertainment because they are helpless then when you burn in hell its the same.

Some were even suggesting that the people in the video were going to eat the tortoise hence why they thought it was funny. Nevertheless, if you plan to eat an animal, kill it fast and don’t torture it, you nut cases!

Really hope that the people in the video get caught and will receive their deserving punishments. If anyone knows the culprits, please do yourself and the rest of humanity a favour and report them to the police!


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tmr soon

    July 27, 2018 at 12:18

    For god sake, if you don’t love it at least don’t hurt it.

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