[VIDEO] Security Cameras Caught a Lady Getting Kidnapped By a Group of Men! - The Coverage

[VIDEO] Security Cameras Caught a Lady Getting Kidnapped By a Group of Men!

At Regalia Residence yesterday, security cameras have caught sightings of a man pretending to be a softie leading a lady out of the residence and towards his car. These videos were shared by Facebook user Leena Mohd Arif. There are two videos that accompany her post, one displaying the man leading her somewhere, but has a closer view of the man. The victim can be seen wearing pink in full-clothing, scarf, shirt and long skirt.

This video shows that the man leading the lady uses specifically gentle gestures. The other video is in black and white, displaying the place where cars pass by and sometimes parked at the side.

The length of the video that was caught by the outside camera may be intimidating, but it shows the lady clearly looking just a little bit wary, however, she ran closer to the man who was leading her. Soon after, men could be seen walking out of the car behind the one he led her to, about to grab her and lead her into the car. Once she realised what was happening, she attempted to run away, not even caring about the fact that she dropped her phone. However, she failed to run away, as the men grabbed her and threw her right into the back seat of the car.

Comments proceeded to mention how they fear for the lady. One hour ago, Leena Mohd Arif updated that the victim is now safe and sound.

Thank you to the police, and to the security cameras that have caught everything!





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