[VIDEO]: Uh-Oh! MMA Fighter Refused To Take Photos With Ring Girl After Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment

‘Road FC 036 $1M Tournament’ that took place in Jangchung Gymnasium. When it came the time for him to take photos after winning the match, Park Dae Sun was captured running away from the ring girl, refusing to take pictures with her. He even screamed, “Don’t come.” Park Dae Sung’s actions are due to the sexual harassment accusations that arose after he “forcefully” grabbed and touched the ring girl at ‘Road FC Young Guns 31‘ in December of 2016. The video below shows Park Dae Sung’s controversial actions that led to sexual harassment accusations: Following the controversy, Park Dae Sung showed a completely different behavior during the photo time (starting at the 2:20 mark below):

To this, netizens commented, “I wouldn’t have touched her either. He got accused and called a pervert for just placing his hand on her waist”, “It’s true that his actions were overdramatic but I’m glad he overcame the criticism and took the victory”, “When he gets afraid of women because of this… I feel bad”, “Sexual harassment for just wrapping his hand around her waist lol Guys just laugh it off and let it slide if girls touch them there but it’s sexual harassment when a guy touch a girl’s waist. So funny.”

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