Washington Uni Prof & JP Morgan : Malaysia Fared Better Than US , UK , Israel & Europe In Battling Covid 19 – Ranks 1st In World’s Best Healthcare Category

This is the type of western propaganda shit we have been fed for far too long. The west tells us how backwards Asians and Africans are and tells us how great the West is.

Note how they placed the rankings…

  1. China: Because China had become the first country in so many decades to challenge USA’s “dai gor” status in the world. So they must be smeared.
  2. North Korea: Of course, because the west needs to tell it’s citizens how good democracy is and how bad dictatorship is. So they must be smeared.
  3. African nations: Poor fellas. They’ll forever be painted by the west as the poorest, most underdeveloped, most sick and most terrible land in the world.

Fun fact. Look at the top 3 “most prepared” countries in the world. In fact they are worse than Malaysia. So how did they become the top 3 most prepared nations in the world?

FACT… As of 12.00am, 25 March 2020…

US: 327mil citizens – 43,000 cases – 550 deaths
UK: 66mil citizens – 6,800 cases – 422 deaths
Holland: 17mil citizens – 5,560 cases – 63 deaths
MALAYSIA: 31mil citizens – 1,624 cases – 15 deaths

This means…..
Holland has only 2/3 the population of Malaysia, BUT Holland has 4 times more positive cases and 4 times more deaths than Malaysia.

US has 10 times more the population of Malaysia, BUT USA has 20 times more positive cases and 35 times more deaths than Malaysia.

UK has 2 times the population of Malaysia, BUT UK has 4 times more positive cases and 30 times more deaths than Malaysia.


JP Morgan Report : Malaysia Country’s Test Per Million 81 Times Higher Compared To Other Asean & European Union Countries

Another positive from the report was how Malaysia’s “aggressive” testing per capita methods are bearing fruit, with JPMorgan noting such stringent testing methods would result in higher infection numbers but would allow milder developments and lower mortality rates.

“The recent limitations on movement should also help to slow the spread and along with border controls should subdue secondary spread of the epidemic,” read the report.

The report explained that projections on the potential severity of Covid-19 in Malaysia were determined by analysing data on how China and South Korea handled the outbreak.

Among the factors taken into consideration was Malaysia’s relatively lower population density as compared to China and South Korea and the government’s relatively early implementation of the MCO to restrict local and foreign travel.

As a result of these preventive measures paired with Malaysia’s holistic testing methods, the JPMorgan report noted its optimism that the public healthcare system would be able to cope with the potential increase in cases.

“The country’s test per million is 482, which is four to 81 times higher compared to other Asean countries (six to 109 million population) and even higher than some European Union countries.

“It suggests that the country has relatively better positioning to contain the virus diffusion process,” it said.

Malaysia set to conduct 16,000 daily Covid-19 tests, nearing South Korea’s rate by month’s end

Malaysian lab tests capacity for Covid-19 will gradually increase up to 16,500 tests per day by the month’s end, Health Director-General Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said today.

Dr Noor Hisham pointed out that the current test capacity stood at about 7,000 daily, compared to 3,500 during the early stages of the outbreak.

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“Once we have these capacities to test, we can test more people. With the movement control order in place, we will continue to look into target groups for example certain high risk groups.

“If we can pick them up early that would be better, then we will isolate and treat them. That is our plan,” he told a press conference at the ministry here.

Citing South Korea’s rigorous screening of about 20,000 daily, Dr Noor Hisham said Malaysia was not too far from the figure in a week or two.

“Hopefully we will be able to detect more [patients] and we can take out the infected patients out from society [then] we may flatten the curve,” he said.

Malaysia ranks 1st in world’s best healthcare category

Malaysia, with a score of 95 out of 100, ranked first in the Best Healthcare in the World category of the 2019 International Living Annual Global Retirement Index.

According to the International Living website, among top six countries that obtained the best ratings in the category of Best Healthcare in the World for this year, Malaysia ranked first with its world-class healthcare services and sophisticated infrastructure.

It said that with 13 hospitals in the country accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), where almost all doctors – with majority of whom were trained in the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia – were fluent in English, thus communication was flawless.

“There are both private and public hospitals for expatriates to choose from, to suit one’s needs though the private hospitals tend to be a bit more expensive but are more up to Western standards than the public hospitals,” it said, adding that even at the private hospitals, the treatment was affordable for minor visits.

“Here (in Malaysia), you don’t need to make an appointment to see a specialist and you don’t need a referral from a general practitioner. It’s as simple as registering at a hospital of your choice and waiting in line to see your specialist of choice,” it said.

“The prescriptions in Malaysia cost a fraction of what you pay at home. But it’s not just the cost that is attractive – it’s the service.

“Pharmacists, similar to rest of medical staff in Malaysia, are well-trained and informed. The Malaysians are friendly people, but it’s the genuine interest they take which impresses,” it said.– Bernama

PSM’s Dr Jeyakumar explains why Malaysia’s Covid-19 control is better than Israel

Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) Chairperson, Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj has explained the two different approaches in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic – namely, mitigation and suppression.

Pointing out that Israel suggested a mitigation approach, Dr Jeyakumar explained that strategy would allow the virus to spread among the young population due to lower mortality rates. Thus, while protecting the elderly a segment of the population would develop herd immunity.

However, Dr Jeyakumar pointed out flaws in this approach saying, “There are many misconceptions underpinning this line of argument. The first is that the 1% mortality rate for Covid 19 infection only obtains when the infected patients receive optimum treatment.

We now know from the experience of Wuhan and Italy that approximately 10 to 15% of the Covid infected patients develop respiratory difficulty and suffer a drop in their blood oxygen levels.”

He also noted that mitigation strategists have now embraced ‘flattening the curve’, which promotes social distancing and allows the infection to spread at a rate that doesn’t burden healthcare services.

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According to Dr Jeyakumar, this approach would still allow for a segment of the population to develop immunity, but it would take 89 years for 80% of the population to develop immunity. “Makes much better sense to wait for the vaccine doesn’t it?” quipped Dr Jeyakumar.

Praising Malaysia’s pandemic management strategy known as ‘suppression’, he stated this similar strategy is followed by Singapore, Wuhan, South Korea and Hong Kong. “… to me this seems to be the most sane and humane way of handling this epidemic.

Wuhan has demonstrated that it can work – they managed to stop the epidemic there with only 70,000 cases out of a total population of 60 million (for Hubei province),” said Dr Jeyakumar.

However, Dr Jeyakumar also noted that suppression has downsides which include not developing a populace that has immunity to the disease.

“Suppression means we aim to bring the transmission of Covid 19 down to zero if we can. Flattening the curve means that the epidemic is permitted to spread through the population but at a “controlled” rate,”

“You see, the ‘Suppression’ strategy is not a final solution to the Covid 19 problem – you need to wait for the vaccine and that might take a year to materialize. In the meantime you have to keep disrupting production by quarantining contacts, encouraging workers with respiratory tract symptoms to stay at home on full pay, minimizing travel overseas and tourism, discouraging mass events such as concerts and sales etc,” Dr Jeyakumar explained.

US Lifts Ban On Malaysian Glove Maker WRP Asia Amid Shortage

( Now Desperately Need Malaysia Glove To Fight Covid 19 )

  • Wow suddenly when there is a shortage, forced or no forced labour, suspension can be lifted. US memang hypocrite

The United States has lifted a ban on a Malaysian medical glove maker it had accused of using forced labour, a government statement showed, amid a surge in demand for personal protective equipment to fight the coronavirus crisis.

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on Tuesday said disposable rubber gloves made by WRP Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd after March 16, 2020, will be admissible at all US ports of entry.

WRP, which has the capacity to produce more than 11 billion gloves a year, could not immediately be contacted for comment.

Malaysia is the world’s biggest producer of medical gloves. The gloves are in huge demand because of the spread of the virus that has infected more than 377,000 people across 194 countries and territories as of early Tuesday, according to a Reuters tally, with more than 16,500 deaths.

The United States is the world’s biggest consumer of medical gloves per person.

American Washington University Assoc Professor Ask Donald Trump To Learn From Malaysia PM Minister Muhyiddin Yassin In Handling Covid 19

Hassenstab, an associate professor of neurology at Washington University, Missouri, acknowledged that his was a poorly-timed trip to Malaysia, but praised the nation’s response to the virus and suggested that the United States could emulate these measures.

“I noticed some stark contrasts between Malaysia and the US. In Malaysia, we went to four cities – Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Lahad Datu and Sandakan.

“The enforcement was evident everywhere, even in the remote rainforest where we were staying.

“Mobile carriers send a message about social distancing every day. The carrier ID at the top of my phone that normally says Sprint said ‘Stay Home’ instead,” he said in a series of posts on Twitter.

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Hassenstab gave a few other examples, noting the scenes at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) with security guards enforcing social distancing.

“Information banners with written and visual guidance were everywhere, printed by (the Health Ministry).

“The seats in the airport were taped off so that there would be an empty seat between each open one,” he said.

All airport employees, said Hassenstab, were wearing face masks while hand sanitisers were at “virtually every counter”.

“The Malaysian government has a totally consistent message – Stay Home, Keep Your Distance, Clean Your Hands – and the entire country is doing it,” he said.

He compared KLIA with other busy airports including at Atlanta where he said only 5% of customs and border control personnel had masks and gloves.

“No hand sanitisers other than some bathrooms. Shops and stores were open, business as usual. People were jamming together, no distance enforcement,” he said.

Hassenstab added that he and his family had flown via Tokyo, Japan, and a passenger three seats away was having high fever, vomiting and experiencing body aches.

“The paramedics came with the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) personnel at the gate and attended to her. But the rest of the passengers went through Customs like nothing had happened.

“Margaret, my boys and I had our temperatures checked because we reported coming from Malaysia and Singapore, but that was it,” he said.

Hassenstab said he knew five people who had come down with Covid-19, and the matter was not a joke.

“People will die on a massive scale unless extreme measures are taken. It is the best argument for a strong public health system and for a strong federal response.

“We need a clear and consistent message to truly #FlattenTheCurve, and it speaks volumes about our leadership that we need to model our nationwide response after other countries like Malaysia,” he said.

Muhyiddin Is Doing Far More Than What Pakatan Harapan Ever Did & Still Being Accused of Not Doing Enough

One damage that the Pakatan Harapan government left for the new government to solve is the inaction and apathy regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Two months were wasted and nothing was done until the Perikatan Nasional government took over. And that failure is going to cost Malaysia a lot in terms of lives and money.

The Perikatan Nasional government realises that the economic or financial problem is rapidly overtaking the health problem. In a month or two (if every Malaysian obeys the “stay home and do not mingle in crowds” order) some of us will be dead and many who are affected with the virus would have recovered. But in two or three years from now we shall still be suffering financially the after-effects of the virus.

The policy of allowing EPF withdrawals during this Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic crisis is being criticised. True, that is our pension money and we shall need to live on that when we retire. But the immediate problem is we need to feed our families today, not worry about what to do 20 years or 30 years from now when we might be dead tomorrow or next week anyway.

An American Just Returned To US From Malaysia Shares How Malaysia Is Better Than United States In Handling Covid 19 – Donald Trump Need To Learn From Malaysia

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