Who Is Zhao Yaqi – The Woman That Even "China's Best Boyfriend" Could Not Resist – Lin Dan Scandallous Mystery Women

at the cost of major endorsement deals and the respect of fans worldwide. While many had criticised Lin Dan, who was once dubbed “China’s Best Boyfriend” for his infidelity; many quickly turned their attention to the woman who had stolen his heart – a Chinese actress and model named Zhao Yaqi. Turns out – Zhao is not just another Chinese girl hoping to use her connection to the former badminton champion to make herself popular, and is actually quite the celebrity in her own right. zhaoyaqi2 zhaoyaqi3 zhaoyaqi4 zhaoyaqi5 zhaoyaqi6 Born in Liaoning, a northeastern Chinese province bordering North Korea and the Yellow Sea, Zhao studied Law at the Sun-Yat-Sen University and performing arts at Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama. She is also an accomplished actress and model in mainland China, and also the former lover of Chinese actor Gao Hu. The 34-year-old has won several pageants since 2005, and have acted in countless movies throughout her career – and by no means an aspiring model or actress. zhaoyaqi16 zhaoyaqi15 zhaoyaqi14 zhaoyaqi13 zhaoyaqi12 zhaoyaqi11 zhaoyaqi10 zhaoyaqi9 zhaoyaqi8 zhaoyaqi7

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