Why DAP Is Keeping Silent Throughout The No Confidence Vote & Anwar Istana Fiasco?

The losers and the detractors are trying to make it look as if the country is in great political crisis. If you look at the facts and at what is really happening in Parliament and in government there is no political crisis at all.

Instead the shoe is now on the other foot because (with the exception of the DAP) it is the outliers and the losers who are having serious political problems inside their political parties.

And through it all the PN and especially Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin are coming out on top.

Lets look at the players one by one.

  1. PKR

Brader Anwar made a fool of himself with his ‘government has fallen’ fiasco. The government has NOT fallen. The government is still standing. It is Brader Anwar who has fallen.

He made a total fool of himself at the Istana claiming he has majority support of the MPs. Instead he was sent home after a scolding from the YDP Agong. The Agong basically told him not to use the backdoor.

Now the latest news is the PKR party is so embarrassed with the Brader’s stupid stunt that FOUR PKR MPs want to quit the party. So there is going to be a new crisis inside PKR very soon. It is time for Rafizi and friends to organise a coup and get rid of Brader Anwar from PKR. Shelf life sudah expired lah.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has come out on top. There is no political crisis. It is the PKR that is in crisis.

  1. Zahid Hamidi made an idiot of himself, now UMNO wants his head
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Zahid Hamidi’s stunt to support Anwar Ibrahim for PM is going to cost him his head. UMNO has come out strongly saying that they do not agree with Zahid Hamidi supporting Anwar Ibrahim.

So now even Umno is split in two or three or four.

Once again Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has come out on top. There is no political crisis. It is Zahid Hamidi and Umno that are in crisis.

  1. Pakatan Harapan just lost Sabah.

The Pakatan Harapan just lost Sabah. (Although I personally support Shafie Apdal).

But facts are facts. The Perikatan Nasional won. And Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s Parti Bersatu holds the Chief Minister’s job.

Again Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has come out on top. There is no political crisis for the government. It is the Pakatan Harapan that is in crisis.

  1. Parti Pejuang – Tun Dr Mahathir’s Parti Pejuang is now in a situation of ‘Malu nak mampus’. Mazlee Malik – one of the FIVE Pejuang MPs has quietly signed a Statutory Declaration supporting Brader Anwar as PM.

And Dr Mahathir is also keeping quiet about it. Hello lacklustre Malaysian Media go and ask Dr Mahathir what he is going to do about Maszlee. Malulah Dr Mahathir. He is working so hard to keep Brader Anwar out of office yet his own macai Mazlee Malik has done a ‘main belakang’.

With this type of “close supporters” how is Dr Mahathir going to organise his vote of no confidence against Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin?

So once again Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has come out on top. There is no political crisis. It is Parti Pejuang that is now in crisis.

  1. Dr Mahathir’s “Motion of No Confidence” against the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin. The motion has died a a still birth. Its not going anywhere.
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When the Press asked Brader Anwar if he will support the No Confidence motion the Brader replied :

His answer was err..hmm..err…I..I..busy..err..err. That was his answer.

This means PKR is not going to support any vote of No Confidence against Muhyiddin Yassin. Without PKR’s 38 MPs Dr M’s No Confidence vote is dead.

One more time Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has come out on top. There is no political crisis. It is Dr Mahathir’s Vote of No Confidence that is in crisis.

  1. The DAP has played clever. The DAP says they can work with Anwar, with Umno (minus Najib and Zahid) with anyone. The DAP has worked with Muhyiddin and PPBM before in PH. So it is not impossible that DAP can work with Bersatu again. That is why the DAP is keeping silent throughout the No Confidence Vote fiasco, and throughout Brader Anwar’s Istana fiasco.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has come out on top. Even the DAP is quiet. There is no political crisis.

  1. The next big chance is the Budget on November 6th.

Again Dr M and friends are trying to force a backdoor No Confidence Vote by getting the majority of MPs to vote against the Budget. In practise in the rest of the world (except the US and other presidential systems) if the government’s annual Budget is not approved by Parliament then the government must resign immediately. (I dont know what exactly our Federal Constituion says about this. Prof Shad Faruqi may have some ideas.)

But I dont think Dr Mahathir has enough MPs on his side to vote against the Budget. I think the Budget will pass on Nov 6.

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Why do I think so? Because just a few weeks back the Supplementary Supply Bill or something was passed by Parliament. Of course my good friend Art Harun the Speaker took an unexpected 10 minute toilet break to enable the PN guys to get a better quorum.

N’theless that simple Supply Bill was approved in Parliament. Plus some other Bills have also been passed in Parliament recently.

Meaning the PN government under Tan Sri Muhyiddin is able to carry out its functions. So there is no reason to think that the Budget will not pass on Nov 6th 2020.

When the Budget is successfully passed in Parliament on Nov 6th then it is game over for the nothing-else-to-do detractors.

So far Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has come out on top. There is no political crisis. Just go home.

Source : Syed Akbar Ali

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