Wife of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V : Oksana Rihana Petra Opens up About Her Life With Sultan on Instagram

The wife of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V, Oksana Rihana Petra, has allowed her followers a peek into her life.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday (July 10), Oksana said she was born on July 10 in Astrakhan, Russia, and spent her childhood and school days in Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don region.

She said as a teenager, she went to Oxford summer school to study English.

Then in 2009, she moved to Moscow and became a student at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2013.

In 2015, she won the “Miss Moscow” beauty contest.

She then created her own swimwear and beach fashion brand, while studying at the Moscow school of radio and television.

In an earlier Instagram post on July 7, Oksana said in Malay that she and her future husband continued communicating with one another on the phone after their first meeting.

She said they wanted to meet another time, but it proved difficult because of her modelling contract and the fact that they were living far from one another.

According to Oksana, she was offered a one-year contract outside Russia by a big company, but this required her to move to New York.

“At the time, my future husband was disappointed and asked me not to make any decisions until we met again one more time,” she said, adding that she received an invitation to go Malaysia with her parents.

She said she accepted the invitation.

Oksana said they were fascinated by the country, and she fell in love with Malaysia.

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“I will not forget the romantic night when my future husband opened his heart and told me that he had fallen in love with me the first time we met.

“He told me that he felt easy with me and wanted me to become his wife. That was the start of our love story.

“Malaysia is where my child was born, and I know I have made the right choice,” she said.

The man who really loves his woman will do everything for his beloved one. Love and taking care is the base for strong and healthy relationship.
Good husband will always support and be nice with his wife.
Always is interested how does she feel and takes care of her, if she is tired.
Always 100% keeps his promises.
Always takes responsibility for the family and doesn’t put this responsibility on his wife’s shoulders
During pregnancy he would give his wife increased attention, gifts and care.
Relationship are based on how can people support and understand each other.Family is the result of the work of two people who can give love gratuitously!❤️

For many people, the story of our first meeting with my husband remains to be a mystery. We met in spring 2017 in Europe. At that time I cooperated with our common friend jeweler Jacob Arabo. After the event, we went for dinner, where I met a man, and he introduced himself as king of Malaysia. I took it as a joke and joked back that I was also the queen of Moscow. We talked all evening and exchanged phone numbers. Soon there were news appeared about the appointment of the king, who was my new friend.

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Selepas pertemuan pertama, saya dan bakal suami meneruskan komunikasi melalui telefon setiap hari. Kami ingin berjumpa sekali lagi tetapi terlalu susah disebabkan kontrak peragawati saya, dan juga kerana kami berdua tinggal berjauhan. Saya juga diberi kontrak satu tahun di luar Russia oleh sebuah syarikat yang terkenal untuk berkerja sama dengan syarikat tersebut. Menurut kontrak ini saya terpaksa berpindah ke New York.

Pada masa itu, bakal suami saya amat kecewa dan meminta saya supaya tidak membuat sebarang keputusan selagi tidak berjumpa sekali lagi. Kemudian saya mendapat jemputan untuk pergi ke Malaysia bersama ibu dan bapa saya. Jadi saya menerima jemputan itu dan pergi ke sana dengan ibu saya. Kami amat terpesona apabila melihat sendiri negara ini dan saya telah jatuh cinta dengan negara Malaysia.

Saya tidak akan melupakan malam yang amat romantis apabila bakal suami saya meluahkan perasaanya dan memberitahu yang dia telah jatuh cinta kepada saya pada kali pertama kami bertemu.

Dia juga memberitahu yang dia amat menyenangi dengan saya dan ingin saya menjadi suri hatinya. Maka, itulah permulaan cerita cinta kami. Malaysia adalah tanah tumpah anak saya dan dengan adanya anak ini, saya tahu saya telah membuat pilihan yang amat tepat.

Source : Rihana Petra

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