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Woman Accuse Boyfriend Of Rape Only Because He Didn’t Allow Her To Eat Durian In Hotel Room

There are many durian lovers in the world, but this woman’s love for durian is on a whole other level, she got into a fight with her boyfriend all because she wanted to eat durian in the room. We all know how pungent it can be, to be eating it a room is a bad choice, even if you love the fruit.

A 29-year-old woman surnamed Zhang from Zhejiang, China was unhappy that her long-time boyfriend, Luo did not allow her to eat her favorite fruit in the hotel room and they had an argument.

Source: Kwong Wah

It is learned that the couple had initially gone to the hotel on September 11 at night for some sexy time and after that, Zhang felt hungry so she took out the durian she brought along as she wanted to eat it.

However, her boyfriend half-jokingly said that he did not want her to eat the durian there and asked her to eat it at home instead. This is when things took a turn for the worse.

Source: Drink Magazine

She got angry when she heard this and used the durian to hit her boyfriend who was lying in bed and even kicked him. Trying to calm her down, her boyfriend retaliated with a small slap, which turned into a scuffle.

In her rage, she picked up her phone to call the police and told them that she was raped.

When the police rushed to the hotel room, they were left puzzled as there were no signs of rape. When they inspected the room, it was quite neat as well and they could not find any signs of a struggle inside the room, and she wasn’t even injured.

Sensing something was amiss, they interrogated Zhang until she finally broke down and admitted that she had falsely accused her boyfriend as she was angry that he did not allow her to eat durian in the room.

Source: Kwong Wah

After hearing her confession, the police decided to charge her for disturbing public order and she was punished with administrative detention for five days.

We know you may love durian a bit too much, but please don’t be like this woman. Durians and mangosteens are not allowed in most hotels, so why is this woman tripping? What are your thoughts on this?

(Source: WOB / Kwong Wah)

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