Woman Dumps Bankrupted BF After He Spent RM142 Million On Gifts For Her

According to iFeng, Zhang comes from a wealthy family and he grew up in the lap of luxury where he could spend money lavishly on anything he wanted. Source: iFeng It is learned that he met a freelance model and live-streamer Yang Yizhen two years ago, and proceeded to pamper her with expensive gifts. Source: iFeng Yang flaunted the luxury gifts she received from Zhang which included designer clothes, branded handbags, expensive jewelry, cars, and trips around the world on Chinese social media. Source: iFeng Source: iFeng Apparently, he also bought her a house and paid a down payment of 4 million yuan (RM2.39 million) for it. Source: iFeng In the long run, all these costly demands proved to be too much even for Zhang and he could not keep up with it. Having no choice, he had to take 70 million yuan (RM41.9 million) from his father’s company to pay for his lavish lifestyle. Source: iFeng Source: iFeng Source: iFeng That’s not all, he even decided to borrow money from his rich friends to gamble so that he could recoup his losses and pay back his father but instead, he lost a total of 170 million yuan (RM101.8 million).

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Source: iFeng Source: iFeng Source: iFeng Source: iFeng The lenders lodged a police report against Zhang after seeing the previously wealthy man now broke and unable to cough up the money to return to them. The police subsequently arrest Zhang and he later admitted that he had made bad financial decisions. Source: iFeng Source: iFeng Source: iFeng Source: iFeng Source: iFeng On top of that, Zhang also blamed Yang for encouraging him to gamble when the couple traveled to Macau. Zhang was charged with fraud while Yang started working with the prosecutors and giving them evidence in a case against him. Meanwhile, Chinese media notes that Yang started posting photos with other men on social media after she dumped Zhang for being bankrupt. Some other reports stated that Zhang apparently has a wife and daughter, which means Yang was his mistress! His wife was not aware of the relationship between the couple. First of all, both parties are at fault here for spending recklessly, we know pampering your other half is a sweet gesture, but you should do it within your means! Secondly, that woman moved on way too quick, you could almost tell she’s looking for wealth in a relationship, once you run out of money, she’s gonna leave you! Also, Zhang is cheating on his wife, that is a big no-no for everyone! Isn’t this karma? The lesson of the day, do not cheat on your spouse and do not be materialistic!  What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comment section below! (Source: WOB / iFeng)

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  1. More money than brain

    July 25, 2018 at 22:01

    A stupid cheater meet an opportunistic golddigger. What can possibly go wrong, right?

  2. FattDing

    October 31, 2018 at 10:55

    Stoopid boy doesn’t even know she is as plastic as it comes. Don’t you guys think she looks like a million other girls on the Chinese social media that got their looks from some plastic surgeon in Seoul. That’s the generic look that the Seoul cookie cutters have been churning out. Obviously he did not have his old man’s money making genetic material.

  3. Limy

    April 28, 2020 at 01:35

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  4. Kadiraz

    April 28, 2020 at 02:00

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