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Woman Fakes Robbery To Avoid Paying Fine For Losing Her Identity Card

We’re pretty sure the majority of Malaysians know that there is a fine to pay when you lose your identity card (IC). This woman, however, thought it would a great idea to lodge a false report saying she was robbed to avoid paying the fine to redo her IC.

The 39-year-old woman was detained in Sandakan, Sabah on October 22, for claiming that she was robbed by two men on a motorcycle.

Source: FMT

According to Sandakan district police chief ACP Mohd Azhar Hamin, the 39-year-old had claimed that her handbag, which contained personal documents including her IC, was snatched on October 21, 2018.

She claimed that the theft happened at 5.30 am at a bus stop. The incident allegedly occurred at Batu 2 on Jalan Utara, Sandakan.

After an investigation by the police under Section 395 of the Penal Code for gang-robbery, the woman’s report was found to be false.

The woman is now being investigated under Section 182 of the Penal Code for providing false information to a public servant. If convicted, she faces a maximum fine of RM2,000 or imprisonment for up to six months or both.

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The fine for loss of an IC increases by frequency of occurrence:

RM100 for first-time loss

RM300 for the second time

RM1,000 for the third and subsequent occasions

However, exemptions from the penalty are given to the following communities:

► The disabled

► The poor

► Senior citizens aged 60 years and above

► Victims of natural disasters

► Victims of crimes such as theft and burglary

► Adolescents aged 18 and below

Now that you’re clear with the fines for loss of an IC, better guard your IC with your life! Please do not take this literally, but also, don’t lose your IC!

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1 Comment

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