Woman Shocks Netizens By Drying Underwear Using Air-Cond In Plane Filled With Passengers - The Coverage

Woman Shocks Netizens By Drying Underwear Using Air-Cond In Plane Filled With Passengers

We understand that sometimes we’re running out of time, especially when we have to catch a flight, we can’t be late as the boarding hall is far and wide. Some people are in such a rush that they’re carrying wet laundry in their luggage as they’re afraid they might miss their flight. It sucks, but it happens!

Many of us have the courtesy to only dry our wet laundry once we reach our destination as we do not want to inconvenience the others traveling with us on the same plane. But not this woman who openly dries a pair of wet underwear in a plane filled with passengers.

The woman was on a flight that was heading to Moscow from Turkey, netizens were left in shock and disbelief when she took out a pair of underwear and proceeded to dry them using the air-conditioner above her.

According to China Press, the drying went on for about 20 minutes as passengers were stunned by her actions. The incident was recorded by nearby passengers but she ignored them all and continued drying her panties.

She would even turn the underwear around to make sure that they were dried evenly. The woman couldn’t care less despite the annoyed stares and displeased looks from other passengers on the plane.

Some netizens were puzzled by the cause of her underwear’s wetness while some others speculated that it may not be her panties but bikini bottoms or children’s underwear instead. Even if it is, it’s still inconsiderate to be doing such a thing in a space where hundreds of people share! Pst, judging by the size of the underwear I doubt it’s a child’s.

Her action was criticised by other netizens saying that it was unsanitary to dry the underwear in the plane and that it was pretty disgusting. However, there are some that defended the woman’s action noted that it might actually be clean underwear that has never been worn before so she was drying it like an ordinary garment.

Woman, have you no shame? Is she in such a rush to wear the underwear before she lands? Either way, nobody wants to see your underwear.

Watch the video below.


What are your thoughts on this?

(Source: WOB / China Press)

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1 Comment

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