10 Stages of A Drunk Girl In Malaysia ! You Might Now Know You've Done These When You're Partying / Clubbing!

So, there are 10 stages for drunk girls.

Stage 1: Greets you politely, talk softly among themselves

Stage 2: Refusing drinks

When you offer them drinks, they would refuse your drinks, saying they are done, they are not that good at drinking, lots of excuses. Well they do say so, but when you ask them few more times, they usually will drink it. 「force girl drinks clubbing」的圖片搜尋結果

Stage 3: Getting high and started laughing

Now they are into games. They will play games, those who lose must drink! They will act like a boss now.

Stage 4: The KICK is getting started!

Now they started to have the feel to go all out! They will start taking selfie with the guys, you can request as many photos as you want, the girls are more than willing to take pictures with you. And yes, you won’t find them at the table anymore, they are on the da-a-a-nce floor!

Stage 5: Dancing with all her heart

There will be a soft voice in her heart, telling her to dance as sexy as she can! Let it all out! Dance with all her strength. If she’s holding a bottle of alcohol, please guys, take it away. Otherwise the bottle will just drop on the floor and get wasted!
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Stage 6: Started singing and hugging

Yeap, this the stage that she started recognizing you as her friend! She will come to you and hug you, calling you with a name that you have never heard before. “Joshuaaaaaa, long time no seeeee~” Even if it’s not your name, who cares! Just let her hug you~

Stage 7: Her true color

After getting so high in the dance floor, dancing, singing and hugging, her makeup is fading. No matter how she enlarge her eyes, risen her nose, all these will be gone! You’ll see her natural features. At that moment, you will find her very… beautiful? It’s not about her clothing or anything, but that smiles on her face, it will make you wanna kiss her. Well, this is the right time for you to kiss her~ 「dance floor clubbing hugging」的圖片搜尋結果

Stage 8: Getting dizzy

Her legs will lose the balance, she couldn’t stand properly, she can’t even see properly. Everywhere looks like her own home. If you are carrying her, do prepare plastic bags. She will vomit anytime!

Stage 9: Memory loss

She won’t be able to remember much. Things that happened 20-30 minutes ago is totally blank for her. This is the right time to…

Stage 10: The ending

Coming to this stage… there’s only a few choices of ending. Either your kidney is gone, or you’re naked on the bed with a new life in your womb, or you are fully dressed with a handsome guy beside your bed. Now, you better pray hard in your heart.
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So, which stage have you been to?

1 Comment

1 Comment

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