Young Malaysian Graduate Are Unable To Find Job – Not Selected Was Down To The Color Of His Skin ( Malay )

According to Danial, he believes the reason he was not selected was down to the color of his skin

In Malaysia, the minimum salary you need per month to sustain yourself in Kuala Lumpur is US$645 (RM2,700).

This is according to the country’s Central Bank.

The Malaysian Trade Union, on the other hand, says a starting salary of US$717 (RM3,000) would be ideal for fresh graduates would be ideal.

In reality, Malaysian fresh graduates tend to earn less than even the number recommended by the country’s Employees Federation: US$621 (RM2,600).

Danial Ashraf is a fresh graduate, who just like his peers, have been in the market looking for a job. He recently experienced one of the worst job interviews.

Guys, today I had the worst job IV.

For Human Resources Executive at a packaging manufacturer in Kajang. Kat application form, I tulis minta gaji RM2700. Mesti dia akan nego or so I thought.

Ada 2 interviewers. IV B diam je. IV A yang terus & sentiasa attack.

Danial had applied for a Human Resources Executive position at a packaging manufacturer. In his application form, he had clearly stated that he would like to be offered a salary of US$645 (RM2,700).

Two interviewers conducted the interview. But only one spoke, according to Danial.

“2013 you worked for 3 months. 2016 4 months. 2018 5 months. I really hate people who jump works”

“Actually the 2013 one was a contract-based job. 2016 I worked after finished my diploma then I quit to continue my degree. 2018 was an internship.”

*Semua tu aku dah tulis situ

— Danial Ashraf (@DanialXAshraf) August 13, 2019

Despite providing the necessary information about his past work experiences, it appeared that the interviewer didn’t bother going through his CV.

Instead, what Danial experienced were a string of absurd questions and snide remarks that no one would be able to stomach.

It was pretty insulting as well. But Danial held his tongue.

“So your last salary was RM500. You demand RM2700. Where got? Cannot like this.”

“The RM500 was actually during my internship.”

*Pun aku dah tulis kat situ

— Danial Ashraf (@DanialXAshraf) August 13, 2019

The interviewer continued asking condescending questions despite Danial having provided all of the answers in his CV.

“Then what have you been doing for the past 7 months?”

“While actively seeking for a permanent job, I had multiple one-off part time jobs like for events and did home tutoring as well.”

“Why one-off only?”

“Because those events were only the one-off kind”

— Danial Ashraf (@DanialXAshraf) August 13, 2019
Danial was then told that his expected salary was off the mark.

“Your demand is too high. Thats why no company want to engage with you. If you put it like this, you try for 7 years also no one want to take you in la. I have no question for you. You wanna ask anything?”

— Danial Ashraf (@DanialXAshraf) August 13, 2019
“I’ve nothing to ask but I just want to clarify myself that this isn’t my first interview. For the past 7 months, I’ve received 12 job offers.”

“Did they all give you RM2700?”

“RM2400 was the lowest, RM2700 in average & RM3000 the highest.”

— Danial Ashraf (@DanialXAshraf) August 13, 2019
“Really ah?! Nonsense la! Then why didnt you go there?”

“All of them are from other states. My mom wont let me.”

“You’re 24. Still young. You should go. Why you listened to her”

“Because she’s my mom.”

— Danial Ashraf (@DanialXAshraf) August 13, 2019
The interviewer then proceeded to ask why Danial preferred to stay with his parents than become independent.

Danial explained that this was due to their medical history which require someone to care for them.

But here’s the kicker: Turns out the position he had applied for had already been taken!

“Actually the HR Dept is already full. We want to offer you the Sales Coordinator but your demand is too much. I’m being frank here. Or else you wont waste your and our time today.”

— Danial Ashraf (@DanialXAshraf) August 13, 2019
This was when Danial could no longer hold his tongue.

“I appreciate that you’re being frank. I agree with you. If only you could also be frank in your email invitation, saying the HR Dept is full and you’re offering a different position, our time will not be wasted today.”

*Terdiam dia

— Danial Ashraf (@DanialXAshraf) August 13, 2019
But the interviewer had the cheek to reply with the world’s most silliest retort.

According to Danial, he believes the reason he was not selected was down to the color of his skin.

Apparently there was a female interviewee before him who claimed that her asking salary was US$600 (RM2,500).

Here’s hoping Danial gets a job from an employer who values his hard work and doesn’t mind meeting his expected salary.

Source : Marshable

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