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Young Singaporean Women Are Using This App To Broadcast Themselves Stripping – But Why?

Singapore: It was meant to be an app where users get to show off their talent/s ‘live’, but college students in Singapore are using it in a totally different way – by teasing their voluptuous bodies and even stripping all off!

Bigo Live is a live video streaming social network, presumed to be from Singapore, where users (aka broadcasters) can sing, dance, cook, do whatever they want and “broadcast what you’re good at and let people enjoy!”.

In this app the audience can also interact directly with the broadcaster, telling them what they think, shower them with gifts or offer requests – which may or may not include perverted ones – though a lot of girls seem more than happy to oblige.


Most may wonder that in this day and age where inappropriate images travel far, wide and quick on the internet, why would anyone risk doing so?

The answer is simply the pursuit of wealth.

Imagine the broadcaster as the ‘entertainer’, while the audience are ‘customers’. The audience is offered ‘stickers’ to purchase, that they can ‘gift’ to the broadcaster, who will then convert these ‘gifts’ into ‘beans’. Once enough ‘beans’ are accumulated, they may be exchanged for ‘diamonds’, which can then be traded for real money!

Obviously not everyone who watches will pay up – only a portion of them will. It is a numbers game really, the larger the audience, the higher the chances of finding a paying customer and making money!


One broadcaster, known only as Trang, announced live that “once the audience reaches 7,000, I will hint you guys with a smile – so remember to be quick!”. With just that tease, her target audience was achieved within 3 minutes, and just like that she pulled down her top to reveal her bare breasts!

Another broadcaster live-streamed himself with his hand going down on an unidentified woman’s bottom… his live audience jumped as high as 15,000, with some asking him to “move on to the next phase”.

The popularity of the app does not limit itself to only Singaporeans, but even Malaysians, Vietnamese, Thailand and others.

Bigo Live may have been created as a place for users to freely show off their talents and tricks, however this once innocent app has since morphed into what looks to be an online strip club!

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1 Comment

  1. Geral

    May 2, 2020 at 03:15

    is blue dream sold in Malaysia? (YES) WASAP(+)601117227296

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