Your Chinese Animal Zodiac Destiny & Luck Forecast In Year 2021 Metal OX Year


Grand Duke Combination – Star will result to increase in network and circle of friends from high position that can help you in your business.

Ability to build connections to improve your career or business.

You will be able to make a good impression.

You are able to connect with the right people or people with power and authority.

Good associations will have good outcome.

If you need to apply for approval for a license or a permit, this is a good year to apply for approval. If you are looking for a business partner, this is also a good year

Jade Hall – Jade Hall star is a wealth star especially for asset acquisition and an increase in the value of assets

Increase in assets, value, income and wealth

The ability to save money

Intelligence Star

Will bring popularity and success.

You will also excel in artistic and academic pursuit


The Duke’s Arrival

You will get lots of attention and become popular

Everywhere you go, people will pay attention & take notice of what you do

Elegant Seal ( It is an art and creativity star )

It indicates the possibility of career advancement.

It is good to have the star if you are in sales and marketing or business.

Represent success in artistic and scholarly pursuits.

This is great for artists, craftsmen and creative field


Red Matchmaker ( Star governs positive and meaningful relationship )

This star also represents auspicious relationship.

If you have this star and you are single, you won’t be single for long.

Your likeability increase and you attract people in your life.

When you are likeable, it also means good for doing business.


The Nobleman star will het you helps from supportive people to improve your relationships and building your network for new business

Sky Gracious

Nobleman star for resolving problems


Not So Good

Do Not Have Any Positive Star

Would encounter funerals or death events (or mourning for elders)

Affliction by these 2 stars is indicative of death of a closed one, to wear funeral clothes somewhat. The subject is advised against visiting hospitalized friends and relatives and also attending too many funerals. The one should pay attention to the health condition of the elderly at home.

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Moon star is the mastermind of money, represent the ability of making money behind the scene.

Helping you conceive new plans of making

The moon represents the power or ability or business acumen to think about new business strategy.

It also represents mastermind of money and money management. Good for budding entrepreneurs and start ups.

People with this star usually think a lot about making money but seldom take action.


3 Stages

This represents increase in ranking one step at a time. Best for step by step career progression or climbing the corporate ladder

Brings big chance of promotion of career

This indicates the step by step advancement like career success, fame, and rise to higher position this year.

If you are in business it indicates business expansion.

If you are looking for a promotion in your career it indicates the chances are high.

National Treasure ( Star indicates increase in income and assets, authority and power )

This star represents an increase in status and salary.

Your opportunity to increase in ranking, in position and power is there.

Rise in rank and a possible increase in income


Heavenly Yi ( this is a nobleman star that will give the edge to hire, partner or befriend with the right people )

This star brings good mentor into your life.

Network more with people of higher ranking.

Monthly Virtue

Will dissolve difficult situations and turn it into positive results and blessings will appear

A close friend will become a reliable supporter of yours, and you can depend on this person to smoothen the way whenever you need additional help

Salty Pool

The Salty Pool Star is a Peach Blossom Star (桃花) that represents scandals and romance-related problems.

Sky Nobel

This is another nobleman star that will help to resolve problems.


Earth Relief

When this star is shining in your animal sign, any challenges or problems you might encounter will be resolved or smoothed over.

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Earth relief star relates to property and benefit changes to land environment covering buying land, renovating house or moving out to live elsewhere

Good for moving house, renovation and buying new property.

With this star, it will be easier for you to look for a house.

Month Emptiness

This star will help dissolve your problems

This star has the ability to dissolve all challenging situations and turn the negative into positive.


Dragon Virtue

Has the ability to resolve problems or turn negative things to positive

Emperor Star

Nobleman star and it has the ability to get resources like money, time, and help. This year you can get resources.

This is a powerful and bossy star as everyone will listen to you and obey you even if you are wrong as you will be the emperor for one year.

Powerful star makes nothing can go wrong as opportunities come to you.

Grab everything that comes into your life

You will have the ability to raise funds, start a business, and get a license for your product.

Sky Happiness

This is a peach blossom star. If you are single you should consider reaching out and connecting to others as you may end up meeting someone special as one of your friends will find you attractive. You will be invited to many happy events like wedding dinner, birthday party and graduation ceremonies. If you need important connections to get your projects done, this is the year.

Sky Happiness Star indicates happy events such marriage, a new long term relationship, and finding true love. This is a good year to look for a partner

This star represents relationships. If you are single, someone will appear. If you are married, your marriage will be happier.

You suddenly appear very attractive to others this year

You will receive lots of interesting investment opportunities


General Star ( Represents power, status and authority )

Having some form of authority and status or power if join bodies of authorities.

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It is a star of authority and indicates improving social status.

It’s a star that helps you get hold of more power.

Relief God

Has the ability to smooth over difficult events and turn negatives ones into positive outcomes.

Conflicts would be resolved and you have what it takes to overcome any obstacle that comes across your path.

Eight Seats

Can enhance learning capacity and personal development besides being a popularity star.

It indicates enhanced or elevated social status. Would enjoy better social status and have good luck of recognition and fame.

Fame, fortune or unwanted attention coming your way

Good opportunities that’ll boost your career success


Fortune Virtue

Signifies fortune, prosperity and longevity

Every desirable will be fulfilling.

This is a prosperity star. You get to enjoy life

Have the effect of enhancing auspicious!

It is associated with good food and party. You may put on weight because of the good food, eating, drinking and partying.

Heavenly Virtue

The presence of Noble People in your life would dissipate the negative events turning them to positive

This is a noble people star which will help you to resolve any problems. It can remove obstacles in the form of help from friends, family members and colleagues.

Brings the luck of meeting helpful benefactors, especially during times of need

Prosperity Star

It magnifies your ability to get promotions and salary increments

Financial successes, wealth, health; gradual progress in life without major difficulties


Sky Horse

This star alludes to travels or ventures in foreign land or a place away from one’s home base or hometown. This could be due to a job work or assignment. It should be considered as a useful experience to further one’s career in future. Therefore, one should make the most of the travelling opportunities and experience

Good for out of country investments, exports and doing overseas business. With this star, you have the ability to market products overseas so you can either travel out of the country to do business or sell products to overseas customers online.

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