YouTubers Jeff & Inthira Support Yang Bao Bei 杨宝贝: Suggested Victims To Wait At Least 3 Days Before Seeking For Money – Criticised & Challenged Malaysians For Not Supporting YBB

YouTubers Jeff and Inthira have decided to speak up on the matter. They made a video calling out netizens for cyberbullying and petitioned for the government to control online speech. Needless to say, the reactions were explosive.

Local YouTubers Jeff and Inthira posted a video three days after YBB’s attempted suicide. At that time, netizens had already revealed her scam of selling branded bags and a YouTube channel. The married couple showed messages left by netizens and called them out for their harsh words. They criticised the netizens for “bullying” and challenged them to show the messages to their families.

Avatar and account names were revealed, with the YouTubers even reading out the names occasionally. They said the messages were “disgusting” as some doubted if the suicide attempt was genuine. The couple then asked fans to join their campaign in petitioning for the government to start regulating online speech.

Additionally, they addressed the victims of the fraud, asking them to have empathy. While they agreed that the victims should get the money back, they suggested waiting at least three days before dealing with the matter. According to the YouTubers, this is to give YBB’s family time to collect themselves. They stressed that repayment is important, but as YBB’s family has already made arrangements to pay the victims back, they hope the victims can give the family time to “recover”.

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