Zahid Hamidi Is An Indonesian Javanese : The Java Man Should Not Have Mocked & Insulted Mahathir – So Now Who Is The Son of Kutty?

“The National Registration Department (NRD) chief gave me this information,” said Zahid. Little did Zahid know that the social media will be abuzz with his claim, with some blasting him off for the ‘racial’ attack. The video below shows Zahid speaking in Malay, attacking Mahathir on his alleged Indian origin and making a point that people who have ‘anak lelaki’ or ‘son of’ in their identity cards are not Malays. Others said since Zahid is of ‘Javanese’ origin – and saying that he praised his Javanese origin on Indonesian television recently – should ask Mahathir and the Indian Muslims for forgiveness. “If you fail to ask forgiveness, lets all of us join forces and vote against the BN-Umno regime,” says one WhatsApp message circulating in Malaysia. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi 1953 – Tahun lahir (lahir di Jawa, Indonesia / beliau & ibubapanya berasal dari Jawa). 1957 – Persekutuan Tanah Melayu merdeka. 1963 – Pembentukan Malaysia (Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, Sabah & Sarawak) 1965 – Umur 12 tahun mengikut ibubapanya berhijrah ke Malaysia. Ini bermakna Zahid Hamidi masuk ke Malaysia bukan sahaja selepas negara mencapai kemerdekaan malah selepas 2 tahun penubuhan Malaysia. Persoalan: 1. Adakah kemasukkan mereka ke Malaysia melalui saluran sah (Imigresen) atau adakah kemasukkan mereka melalui jalan-jalan haram seperti PATI Indonesia yang lain? 2. Jika mereka.masuk melalui Imigresen, apakah buktinya? 3. Bilakah tarikh kedua ibubapanya dan beliau sendiri diberi kerakyatan Malaysia? 4. Apakah pemberian kerakyatan kepada mereka mematuhi prosedur yang ditetapkan oleh undang-undang negara? 5. Jika mereka masuk melalui jalan tidak sah, bagaimanakah cara mereka diberi kerakyatan negara ini? Source : Steadyaku

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