Zahid Hamidi Do Not Allowed Guy That Is Not Powerful & Rich To Date His Daughter – The Reason Why Alvin Tan Wanted To Bang Nurul Hidayah Zahid

Source : Malaysia Today It was like a Hindustan movie – a businessman and a divorcee were madly in love. Unfortunately, the woman’s father didn’t like the man, most likely because he wasn’t rich or powerful enough. So, the father, who was then Deputy Tourism Minister, instructed his men to bring the guy who has stolen his daughter’s heart upon him. The businessman was brought to a recreation club at Country Heights, Kajang, where his lover’s father punched him so hard that it broke his nose. Thereafter the thuggish deputy minister’s men joined in the fun and whacked him till kingdom comes. The businessman was later revealed to be Amir Bazli Abdullah, while his supposedly lover is none other than Nurul Hidayah Ahmad Zahid. A graduate in Corporate Communication from UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Nurul Hidayah, the daughter of the present Deputy Prime Minister cum Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, was the co-founder of Couverture. She is also the Head of Corporate Communication of Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad. The 36-year-old divorcee is quite ambitious. She wanted to contest the highly explosive Kajang state assembly seat last year but backed down after her father disapprove it, most likely because he didn’t want her to get slaughtered and humiliated. But nobody actually noticed this woman until after the Bersih 4.0 mega rally.

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When she bitched on Facebook that Bersih 4.0 protest was simply “stupid” and “pointless”, all hell breaks loose. “If you really want to defend the country, go and join the army, and patrol the borders” – said the beauty divorcee. Hey, she’s quite pretty in comparison to Rosmah Mansor, don’t you think? Otherwise, why would sex blogger Alvin Tan wanted to have sex with her (*grin*)? Her Facebook posts have since gone viral on social media with tons of netizens attacking her. Amazingly, she bravely defended her rants. Well, at least she has balls and didn’t delete her posts or hiding away like Prime Minister Najib Razak. It’s absolutely true that as a citizen of Malaysia, she has the same right to freedom of speech. To deny Nurul the basic right to speak her mind out will make one do different from her own father, gangster Zahid Hamidi. What she probably didn’t realize is while she demands her right to freedom of speech; her beloved father is denying the same basic right to 30 million citizens who disagree with the present regime. So, if she thinks it’s not fair that social media users attack her remarks, is it fair for her father’s minions – the police – to bully and intimidate a lady who dropped some balloons – decorated with words “Democracy”, “Free media” and “Justice” – with “intentional insult” charges? Sure, she can say what daddy did have nothing to do with her. Too bad, when there’s no level playing field and fairness, she has to deal with it. Just because she’s the daughter of the second most powerful man in the country doesn’t mean she enjoys automatic VVIP privileges. But many netizens who attacked her didn’t actually get the real meaning behind her whining and bitching.
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To understand her “secret” message, one has to travel back to 1998. She was referring to the “reformasi” era in 1998, when former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim was sacked from the cabinet. Her father, Zahid Hamidi, was arrested and held in prison under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) after speaking out against Mahathir. Just like how RHB Group founder, Abdul Rashid Hussain, lost his financial empire for betting the wrong horse (Anwar Ibrahim), Zahid Hamidi also lost his power as UMNO Youth Chief and lucrative jobs as the directors of Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), CEO of Kretam, chairmanship in Tekala, Seng Hup Berhad, Ramatex. So, Nurul Hidayah knows how “stupid” it is to fight against cronyism, nepotism and corruption. Daddy Zahid Hamidi has learnt a bitter lesson and his experience has taught Nurul that street demonstration cannot bring food to the table, let alone a mouth-watering RM4.5 billion project that his father is working quietly with uncle by flooding 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers into the country. Instead of fighting against the evil and corrupt regime that you may have little chance of beating, why not join them and embrace Najib administration where you can get unlimited supply of cash? This is the actual message that the daughter of Zahid Hamidi was trying to send across, if you didn’t realise it. If you were her, where money is the last thing you need to worry, probably you would think Bersih demonstration is “stupid and a waste of time” too, right? Heck, she even got herself a “Dato’” title for contributing, well, nothing. And she probably got her lucrative Head of Corporate Communication of Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad because his father was the chairman of the same company back in 1999. Source : Finance Twitter
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In July 2006, Zahid Hamidi Punched & Broke A 41-Year-Old Businessman Nose For Dating His Daughter – Threatened To Put Him In A Gunny Sack & Bury Him

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